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Phone: 319-393-2562
For grades: K-5; 6-12; adults
Requirements for live visit: Letter of agreement
Fees for live visit: $850 in Iowa (no travel expenses), $1000 per day outside Iowa (travel and expenses) ; negotiated if multiple days in area.


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Sharron really knows how to engage an audience and get them reading (and writing) -- great presentation.
--- 5th grade teacher, Iowa

Building a School of Readers goes beyond teaching children to read -- it means motivating them to want to read. Bookwoman brings many connections to reading and authors that will inspire young readers to actually READ. For descriptions of her visits go to

An important aspect in any child's education is learning to read and to love reading. Building on that love of reading will bring many enriching experiences to readers and will help them extend their knowledge beyond what they read and will help them to make connections with other facets of their lives. One effective way of motivating young readers to increase reading is to connect them with a favorite author or illustrator and to provide background information about their writing and illustrating.

Educators, in their efforts to promote and evaluate reading, often ask students to respond to a book through activities that demonstrate having read and understood the material. One of the most valuable responses is wanting to read another book by the same author. Making connections between the author/illustrator and what students are reading help to promote more reading and students' own writing. Creating increasingly self-motivated readers and writers is the ultimate goal.

Nobody does that better than BOOKWOMAN.

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Bookwoman has the ability to get your students reading and writing by making connections for young readers. Bookwoman aka Sharron McElmeel is also an educator, parent, grandparent , literacy advocate, and bibliophile extraordinaire. Complete information about her background and writing can be found at

Sharron McElmeel's presentations as Bookwoman can be tailored to fit any age audience, pre-school, primary, intermediate, middle school, secondary, and adult audiences -- especially PTA/PTO groups.

Sharron also books children's authors and illustrators into schools for author visits -- for information go to

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