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Phone: 1-603-889-8481
For grades: K through 8
Fees for live visit: $1200.00 for both the author and illustrator. Up to four 50 minute presentations.


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Author, Peter Thomas along with illustrator John Mahomet of the Billy Bee series challenged us to focus on our ideas and strive to achieve our goals. His emphasis on the writing process reinforced our curriculum. Peter's style and presentation captivated the students and held their attention. His well organized approach and age appropriate topics put me at ease. The presentation was exactly as I anticipated. Highly Recommended
--- Peter Bonaccorsi... Principal ...Milford Elementary

The opportunity for students and teachers to observe the combined talents of author and illustrator is very rare... until now

The author, Peter Thomas, and illustrator, John Mahomet, of the children's book series "The Adventures of Billy Bee" have structured a school presentation designed to captivate both students and teachers. From experience, they speak of the good communication skills needed to successfully combine everyone's unique ideas and talents. They emphasize the power good team work and brainstorming have when two or more minds are focused on the same objective. The complete writing process is covered in great detail from first draft to the finished product. The new world of illustration is explained; how technologies new computer graphics combined with good old-fashioned hand-drawing produce an endless opportunity of possibilities. But most importantly, they emphasize, how none of the above can materialize without the first and most important ingredient, the inspiration from a good idea. "Our goal is to ignite the desires of everyone present to tap into their own creative energy. We want to show the students, that with a good solid education they will have all the tools they need to explore the world of adventures that lie inside and await their discovery."

The writing process and illustration procedures are covered in great detail. With a slide show presentation, students are shown how it all began with an idea written on a piece of scrap paper which was turned into an international book publishing company. The students are then "taken" on a tour of Mr. Thomas's writing studio and shown the different stages involved in producing a manuscript. Topics discussed are: idea inspirations, journaling their ideas, the power of brainstorming, writing the first draft, plotting the story, character development, the powerful impact of good editing and revisions, fiction versus non-fiction, followed by technical choices. The difference between a copy write and trademark, inclusion in the Library of Congress and the important role education has in bringing it all together. We like to focus on the endless opportunities that now exist for aspiring new writers.

In the next segment of the presentation, Mr. Mahomet demonstrates the process he undergoes to take an idea and turn it into artwork. He emphasizes the importance good communication skills play with the transformation of these ideas. He discusses the new world of computer graphics and the effects it has had on the art world; he continues by exploring the different styles and media artists have to choose from. Next he reveals the techniques and procedures he has used throughout the years which have placed him high in the ranks of professional illustrators. Then on an 18"x24" easel Mr. Mahomet demonstrates how to use basic shapes and form them into actual characters that come to life before their eyes. All original artwork is left with the assemblies.

The presentation concludes with an intense question and answer period that will stir the imagination and spark the enthusiasm of all in attendance.
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About The AuthorPeter Thomas

Born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Peter Thomas has always enjoyed creative writing. He wrote his first acknowledged work while in the sixth grade at St. Peters School in Cambridge MA. He now travels to schools nationwide with his illustrator John Mahomet to introduce students and teachers to "The Adventures of Billy Bee."

His first published work was released in 1991. Since, his accomplishments and stories have been featured on New England's TV Show "Chronicle," with guest appearances on NH Public Radio, The nationally syndicated Tony Trupiano Show and feature articles in the Boston Globe, Union Leader, the Pilot and many others. Peter is an avid speaker with MADD NH and donates alot of his time to different charities and organizations that center in personal growth and well being. He is exploring the new field of computer graphics and is working towards a cartoon segment featuring his characters in the 'Adventures of Billy Bee" series

Peter lives in Southern New Hampshire with his wife Gilda , their two daughters, Ava and Mia, two dogs Sabre and Hope and their cat Tator. They are all working on the "Happily Ever After" part of life.

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