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Phone: 513 608 5224
For grades: Usually the Fourth Grades
Requirements for live visit: TV/videoplayer for 5-minute news report of actual flatboat trip
Fees for live visit: $300-350 per day


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They slept on deck under the stars. Often they woke under a blanket of fog. Each day they rowed the boat slowly downstream. For seven months that's how Béla Berty and his crew traveled on the (flatboat) Spirit of Kanawha.
--- National Geographic World magazine, May 1990

"American Pioneers Afloat" is a one-hour, five-senses program on History, Geography, and Social Studies of the settling of the Ohio River valley in the early 1800's, primarily by flatboat, the mass transport of the frontier.

The program is presented by Captain Bela K. Berty, who visits one elementary school per day by invitation to present the program four or five times that day.
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A real-life immigrant to the US at age 8, portraying immigrants 200 years ago, Captain Berty has worked on two flatboats on the Ohio River, taking them to Tall Stacks in Cincinnati. Prior to that, he has worked on steamboats, excursion boats, yachts, towboats, and a dredge on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

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