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Phone: 1-888-565-6131
For grades: K-6th
Fees for live visit: contact artist for more info.


Interactive Story Theater infused with Vaudeville »

Page Turner Adventures activates children's bodies, fascinates their minds and frees their creativity. A must for kids, parents and teachers!
--- Jeremy Baker - Riverside Children's Theatre Vero Beach, FL

PAGE TURNER ADVENTURES Inter-Action Adventure Shows


We need your help to break a spell, or Beauty will sleep for 100 years! Our wise Fairy Godmother helps us determine what we'll need: A red cape, some wolf's fur (but he must be good) and a giant's golden spoon. With the help of the audience we set out on our adventure, and in the process we meet Red Riding Hood, a talking wolf, and a 10 foot TALL giant who isn't too happy about giving up his golden spoon!


In this hilarious tale we find a trunk that belonged to a 1920s Vaudevillian named Baldy the Magnificent that contains all of his old props and a newspaper article detailing his disappearance on "this very day in 1927." It's not until Kenny is coaxed into placing Baldy's magic hat on his own head that the excitement begins! This show is great for any age range, and features juggling, unicycling, physical comedy, magic and mystery.


Welcome to Mozzarella! The town where everyone loves PIZZA. Mayor Chovi decides to throw a birthday party for her daughter, and must choose between the two pizza makers in town, Vincent and Leonardo. The townsfolk (the audience) is equally divided on who makes the best pizza. One party. Two pizza makers. One big dilemma. How to decide, what to do? We'll need your help in this outrageous tale of conflict resolution!


Travel back to the early 1800's via time machine piano to stop the despicable plot of the evil Dr. Crescendo to steal all of Beethoven's music and call it his own! You are the main character in this action-packed adventure, and must help us uncover clues to make sure we can save Beethoven's music for future generations. Hurry, Beethoven needs your help!This show features dazzling special effects, powerful music, physical comedy & juggling.There's even a Beethoven rap called "Kickin' the 5th."

THIS IS ONLY A TEST! FCAT Motivational Show

A unique, interactive show designed to motivate and inspire students gearing up for the FCAT. THIS IS ONLY A TEST! brings a touch of comedy and humor to this stressful time of the year. The show focuses on stress management, positive thinking, self-confidence and test-taking skills presented in Page Turner Adventures' one-of-a-kind style. The live show can be booked alone or as a package in conjunction with THIS IS ONLY A TEST! FCAT Video series. (A special discount is offered for the package).
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Page Turner Adventures features Riley Roam as the "World Famous Storyologist" Page Turner, a cross between Mary Poppins & Indiana Jones, and former Ringling Bros. Clown, Kenny Mikey as her bumbling assistant.

Together they turn the entire audience into the main character and lead them on tales of adventure. The shows are highly interactive and promote reading & writing along with other important themes.

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