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Phone: 201-805-5379
For grades: 6th and up
Requirements for live visit: microphone
Fees for live visit: Call for presentation needs


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School assembly topics Presented by Grace McAliece of Lifegem

1) Coaching: My Intention is to present coaching as a support for Children. I will present a history of coaching, the standards and guidelines. Coaching is a sacred space or platform for growth. Coaches guide others to a life that includes Acceptance, Awareness and Responsibility. What is your sacred space?

2) Circle of Safety: What we concentrate on expands. Negativity does not allow space for good things to come in. Focusing on what works will attract more and promote growth. Identify people, places and things in your environment that make up your circle. What works in your life?

3) Designing Support: Defining support systems and how you can draw from them in day to day life. Coaching, creative habits, Etc. can fill your well. What supports you?

4) Tools: Coaching tools to guide you. Where are you and where do you want to be? Only when you listen can you receive. Use your own guiding tools to maintain your life. How do you receive guidance?

5) Coaching session: The basics of an actual session. How to determine what you want. Find your Core values, passions, and talents. What choices are you making that align with your core values?

6) Living your core values: Practicing what you have learned in daily life. Learning to trust authentic guidance rather than a should. How to check-in. Celebrate living your core values. Who else could benefit? Pay it forward. How can you use coaching principals in your life?

I acknowledge myself for allowing such a wonderful gift in my life and the courage to pay it forward.

Handouts: Resources, web-sites, Support systems and creative habits.
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I have always trained and supported others in my life and work. I have entertained children as a troupe member of Jestmaster Productions. I have been on a self-development path that has lead me to coaching. I am a Coach For Life Graduate. I maintain their standards as well as those of the International Coaching Federation. I am excited to guide and inspire Children using coaching. As I expose them to this powerful process of self-support, I learn from them. Children will know, as I do, that they posess all of their answers within. My wish is to pass on coaching and other resources for continued life support.

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