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Phone: 267-408-2798
For grades: ALL Age Groups
Fees for live visit: Contingent on program length and travel time


Commedia dell Arte »

Jack & The Beanstalk

Pastashock takes on this classic tale and performs it commedia style!!! Two stock characters of the commedia dell arte (Brighella and Pulcinella) peform all of the roles of the play. This show combines powerful mask acting and physicality with puppetry, circus skills, and improvisation. No elaborate sets, no fancy lighting. Just two fools and a few simple props. The play gets more and more ridiculous as the "story" unfolds!! This show is sure to be a treat for all ages!!!

We Can't Park We Can't Park

Based on We Won't Pay We Won't Pay by Dario Fo. This play concerns itself with the parking dillemmas in the inner city. Pulcinella gets a parking ticket, but cannot pay for it. What follows is sheer madness- from rabble rousing in the street to being harassed by city officials to being apprehended by the law. Can Pulcinella's friend Brighella get him out of this mess? Park your car in a loading zone and come find out!!


Members of Pasta Shock! are also available for puppetry performances and workshops of all kinds. We can design a special program to fit your specific needs. One of our specialties is inner city youth. Send all inquiries to the e mail provided!
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Pasta Shock- is a Philadelphia based troupe founded by Glenn Russell in 1998. The troupe works within the tradition of Commedia dell'Arte, a style of comic theater appearing in 16th century Italy and spreading throughout Europe for the next 300 years. It is physical theater style incorporating stock characters, high energy mask acting, puppetry, clown and circus skills, improvisation, and audience interaction. The troupe is available to perform for audiences of all ages and backgrounds

Notable Institutions and Organizations where Pastashock has performed:

York College

Dickenson College

New York University

Philadelphia Fringe Festival

South Street 4th of July Festival

Lower Merion Vocational Training Center for the Mentally Impaired

Italian Association of Wilmington, DE

Welcome America Try on The Arts Festival

East Windsor Renaissance Faire

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