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Phone: 661-294-1289
For grades: preschool through 6th grade
Fees for live visit: One show-$400, two $550 (plus travel if applicable)


Wendy Hersh/WENDEE-Musician »

They appreciated your creative and interactive approach...and how evident it is that you love what you do, and what you do is making kids happy.
--- Prisilla Lee-City of Cerritos, CA

The Mathematics of Music-Patterns are Everywhere Using chant, clapping, singing, simple instruments, drums and visuals, students are introduced to the mathematical relationships in rhythm, tempo and melody. Students learn about note values, melodic and rhythmic patterns. Focus is on the child discovering the math patterns through guided activities. Fun addition and subtration with music notes can be brought back to the class for extra practice. Syllable recognition is introduced through chant and note reading. Kids will make a music pizza or musical salad. Pre K through 6th grade.

I'm Taking Care of Me Through song, stories, dance and puppetry, students learn about various aspects of maintaining personal health and well being. Topics include nutrition, exercise, hygiene, reading and self-esteem. This is no preachy program, just a fun, musical introduction that can be enhanced later in the classroom. Pre-K through 3rd grade.
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Wendy Hersh is a professional musician with a Master's degree in Music Education and a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. She has worked extensively in concerts, workshops, teaching, recording and touring. She has taught music to kids from preschool through high school as well as private piano.

Her upbeat, high energy performances encourage her audience to join in the fun and learning. Interaction is a key element for learning especially in the field of music.

Under the stage name WENDEE she composed, and recorded a CD of 14 original songs for the preschool- early elementary child. Several songs from that CD were chosen to appear on 2 separate compilation albums. In addition, the CD was a finalist in the Just Plain Folks Best Childrens Album of 2001. Childrens Music Web nominated the CD for 2 separate awards.

Her workshops for preschool teachers have been requested by several groups for their ability to bring creative music ideas within the reach of non musicians.

With the addition of her new math in music assembly, Wendy brings her talent , imagination and enthusiasm to the elementary school market.

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