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Phone: (877) RNR-DIVE
For grades: K- College
Requirements for live visit: Need one projection screen and microphone
Fees for live visit: $250 per assembly, each additional $125.


Treasure Hunter / Story Teller »

Today's the Day!
--- Mel Fisher

Presentation Outline

Every presentation features an entertaining and inspiring power point media program narrated by Mel Fisher team member Rick Daynes. The program utilizes many other visual aids such as maps, photographs, paintings, models, and actual treasure from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha. Using these resources, Rick will engage your organization in the following subject content:

  • History of early America
  • History of European exploration, colonization, and trade routes
  • History of the famed Tierra Firme Fleet and the Nuestra Senora de Atocha
  • Geography of the Americas, Florida, Florida Keys, and the Caribbean
  • Inspiring story of Mel Fisher, the world's greatest treasure hunter, and his 17-year search to realize his ultimate dream of locating the Atocha shipwreck.
  • Underwater Archaeology and the recovery of the world's greatest treasure
  • Science of marine exploration and conservation
  • Science of conserving historical artifacts
  • "Today's the Day!" Mel Fisher's famous motto, which inspired his family and crew through years of hardships, continues to motivate and teach us that everyday is our day.
The amount of subject material delivered will depend on the time allowed and type of presentation desired. All presentations may be customized to fit your organization's needs. Certain subjects may be eliminated while others may be discussed in depth to fulfill goals, criteria, or standards.
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As an employee and participant in Mel Fisher's organization, Rick Daynes has engaged in every aspect of modern day treasure hunting. It is through his experience and study of Mel Fisher that brings this message to life. The passion and romance that encompasses this story is conveyed through one who has experienced just a little of what has inspired millions.

The Ultimate Adventurer

Whether searching ancient Spanish galleons, being lost in a tropical jungle, prowling underwater caves at night in search of lobsters, or snowboarding off precipitous mountain cliffs, Rick Daynes has been involved in some sort of adventure his entire life.

As a child his favorite TV program was not a cartoon. It was Jacque Cousteau's stories of undersea life. He loved the sea and ocean adventures and made sea life a study. A superb surfer, it was meant to be that he would graduate from the Hawaiian North Shore Brigham Young University with a degree in history and a love of the ancient Spanish period. Perhaps it was also meant to be that he would happen to meet Kim and Lee Fisher one day on Pier 39 in San Francisco. A relationship developed that made Rick feel as family in the Mel Fisher clan and he began a life of excitement in Key West Florida with the world's greatest treasure hunter.

Among his experiences in leadership are such events as directing the marketing of two national companies. He has been a teacher and lecturer in schools and a coach in various sports, including underwater diving, skiing, snowboarding, football and tennis. He has addressed audiences throughout the United States and Canada.

This ultimate adventurer might also be called the ultimate story-teller as many people, young and old, love to hear his tales and the great motivational lessons he shares from the fabulous people he has known and the incredible things that he has seen.

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