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Phone: 717-445-8246
For grades: K-7
Fees for live visit: $300.00 plus travel expenses


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I never knew that one man could save a whole barn!!
--- An amazed student

John High offers a 45-minute slide show BARN SAVER, followed by questions and answers. The program may be included within his wife's writing presentation "Writing to the Beat of a Different Drummer," if the school desires.
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John High is a Barn Saver. He saves old barns from being bulldozed and landfilled, taking them apart piece-by-piece so that the building lives on for another hundred years, in a hundred different places. John's wife, author Linda Oatman High, wrote a book - BARN SAVERS - about John's work. Many schools enjoy booking John and Linda together. Information on Linda's presentation "Writing to the Beat of a Different Drummer" may be found on, or on Linda's web site
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