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For grades: 1-8


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I cannot find enough words to express the energy that flows from her to the children; the creativity of thinking outside the box;the patience with kids creating from scratch in divergent modalities
--- Joanne Opalenick/ Children's director at the Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts and Sciences

Vered's songwriting workshop is an exciting place for children to discover that songwriting is not only easy but loads of fun. It's an environment for every child to realize their creative potential and love of music. During the workshop the children are first encouraged to think about subjects they would enjoy writing about. They compose their original songs by writing the lyrics and melody, with Vered facilitating and editing. The songs are sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always fun. At the end of the workshop their is an option for the children to record the songs they've written which are then incorporated into a CD.

Some of the important lessons that the children learn and experience are:

  • Everyone can be a poet /songwriter/ creative
    Many children who attend Vered's workshop have never sung out loud let alone tried to write an original song. Vered's workshop is designed to encourage free expression, in singing out, writing and performing.
  • Team workVered's workshops are often based on brainstorming and cooperation. Children learn to listen to the ideas of their peers and to build upon them.
  • Free AssociationChildren are encouraged to free associate using their experiences and their imaginations. The concept being that every idea is worth voicing whether it will be used in a song or spark other ideas.
  • Dealing with FrustrationThe songwriting process, as with any creative process, can be frustrating. The children learn to deal with these feelings through change of pace, or shift of focus, guided by Vered. The children also learn to channel their frustration into the creative process, often with humor.
  • Dealing with ongoing social and personal concernsMany times the children in the workshops use metaphors to express the social complexities and hurdles that they encounter every day. These issues may be conflictual and controversial like relationships with siblings or parents or being overweight - for instance a song about a marker named blue who lives in a crayon box and never fits in with the rest.
  • Song StructureThe workshop begins with a discussion about song structure including the difference between verse and chorus.
  • Rhythm and RhymeDuring the process, the children grasp an understanding of the rhythm of words and how it relates to rhyme.
  • Musical MediaThe children become very familiar with the guitar and the tuning and also with recording equipment. They are introduced to sound waves, tracks and use of microphone.

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Vered has been working as a musician in Manhattan for the last four years and has eight years experience working as an educator.

For the last few years Vered has combined her passion and skills to create a songwriting workshop curriculum. It is designed to inspire children toward free expression and the enjoyment of music and it's creation. The workshop encourages children to write their own songs which they will later record to CD. At the Foundation of the Arts and Science on Long Beach Island, where she has worked for two years, she recently recorded a second CD of orginal songs with her young collaborators. She worked in the same capacity at Friend's Seminary in Manhattan, where she worked with an older group for briefer periods of time. Before that Vered worked as a teacher in varied environments like the United Nations, The Village Temple and Temple Israel. She also worked as a Music Education Consultant at Scholastic where she advised appropriate musical themes education techniques for children.

Vered is a singer-songwriter based in Manhattan. Over the last four years she has performed with her band The Robbery at venues such as The Village Underground, Joe's Pub, Arlene Grocery and CBGB's Gallery. Vered's debut CD, City Still was released in June 2001 and received enthusiastic reviews. Songs like Eagle are smart yet sweet, tinged with hints vulnerability. Conversely, the song Tiger on the album is a swelling anthem that reveals a mysterious and empowered version of the singer. The standout track was included in the motion picture, You Are Here alongside Rocket From the Crypt and singer-songwriter, Mark Geary. Vered is a singer songwriter who finds strength in laughing at life and acknowledging her weaknesses. Her songs present an honest self-awareness that make it easy for the listener to find their own story in her songs, accompanied by melodies that make her listener want to sing along.

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