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Phone: 3172594063
For grades: k-12


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You must have been called to do what you do, because you do it so well. Children really connect with you in a time when they seem to connect with little else.
--- Lori Burrows, ADFY Conference Program Director

For a complete list of Mark's programs (elementary, middle school, and high school), please visit Mark's programs are NOT what students typically expect from a school assembly. His programs aren't preachy or judgmental. Mark is fun, energetic, self-deprecating, and humorous. His program talk about the importance of making sound choices yet emphasize having fun and making the most of the teenage years. Plus, an interactive game involves students and educates/reeducates them on the topic of cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.
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Born and raised in Indianapolis, Mark Bernstein began his career hosting his own children's TV show on FOX. Wanting more audience interaction, he now travels the country speaking for schools and leadership conferences. Fusing energy and humor, Mark encourages youth to find their own personal truth to become better leaders and stronger students.
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