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Phone: 201-507-5917, ext. *2
For grades: PreK-5
Requirements for live visit: Will travel entire state of NJ and within two hour driving radius (from Teaneck, NJ) for CT, NY, PA
Fees for live visit: $650 single (up to 250 students/45 minute program); $1,000 double: workshops from $150 (with show) to $250 (if stand alone); residencies vary...please call with specific needs


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Great artist! This program actively engages students. Musical Legends has presented residency programs to our students for the past five years to rave reviews!
--- Mary Gallagher, teacher, Springhurst Elementary School

The haunting sounds of a Lenape flute summons students as Musical Legends begins the retelling of the poignant, RAINBOW CROW. RAINBOW CROW describes the Lenape's relationship to Mother Earth in spellbinding style. Program hosts use traditional Native American sign language along with drums gourd rattles and other authentic musical instruments to create a cultural experience that's both educational and entertaining. Students learn about Lenape traditions and songs and participate in dance activities. RAINBOW CROW is a thought provoking, interactive event that explores the idea of how one self-less act can affect permanent and positive change.

Celebrate the culture, language and traditions of the Akan people of Ghana! The FIRE CHILDREN, an intriguing tale of earth and its many multi-cultural inhabitants, unfolds to the sound of Djembe Drum and Thumb Piano. Life sized Akuaba dolls and tribal Moon Masks create a stimulating visual backdrop that sets the mood. Students are encouraged to explore the traditions of the Akan people through movement games, songs and African dance steps. Alive with sights and sounds, THE FIRE CHILDREN makes for an exciting learning arts program.

Jazz has exerted a profound influence on music from rockabilly and blues to swing and hip-hop. But where did it come from and how did it evolve? Vocalist and educator, Lauren Hooker-Lehman hosts a lively musical journey that traces the history of jazz beginning with its tribal roots up through present day. Students are introduced to the music of legends such as Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk. Assisted by a group of professional musicians, Lauren explains the role of each instrument in a jazz quartet and explores the 12 Bar Blues, Swing, Bebop and Modern jazz styles. A terrific mixture of instruction and entertainment makes JAZZ 4 KIDS is a great program for all ages!

RAINBOW CROW and FIRE CHILDREN are available year round. Residency programs and workshops feature a performance followed by the making of Native American Story Bags, Dance Jingles and Turtle Rattles. Additional Lenape stories, sign language, song and dance lessons are included. Theme generated Story Telling/Story Writing options are available. JAZZ 4 KIDS can be scheduled as a Family Night event!
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Explore the Lenape Indian legend of RAINBOW CROW, the African tale of THE FIRE CHILDREN, or trace the history of Jazz music with, JAZZ 4 KIDS, and find yourself captivated by the sights and sounds of Musical Legends!

Each program is historically and factually accurate. RAINBOW CROW and FIRE CHILDREN can be supplemented by workshops or residencies which provide "hands on" crafts designed to deepen students understanding of these indigenous people and cultures. Our RAINBOW CROW program also offers a free, well researched study guide for classroom use.

Lauren Hooker-Lehman, Musical Legends Artistic Director, is a professional educator and jazz vocalist. A masterful storyteller, she holds a degree in Music Education and is the PreK-6th grade music teacher at Montessori Children's House in Morristown, NJ. A founder of the Teaneck Cultural Arts Coalition, Lauren has extensively researched the traditions of the Lenape people and maintains a continuing dialog with the Lenape Indians in Oklahoma.

Assistant host Karen Lopes-Ector has a heritage that embraces Blackfoot Indian, African-American and Brazilian roots. Karen holds a BA in Dance and has performed with the Universal Language Ensemble dance company. She is a teaching artist with NJ PAC, the Wolf Trapp Program and Arts Horizons of New Jersey.

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