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Phone: 202/ 297-6062
For grades: K-6
Fees for live visit: $500 single, $750 back to back


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Something to marvel at.
--- The Washington Post

Original songs that deal with a variety of issues. Funny and touching material. Songs like "Talking To Furniture" deal with the frustrations of social interaction in a humorous way, while "School Days" poignantly gives a day in the life though a student't point of view. "Trying Vegetables" is a quirky romp through the trials and tribulations of eating healthy. Incredible versions of classics like "Chopsticks" done on on the piano literally leave audiences gasping. Great stage presence, wonderful ability to control crowds, patter and music that keeps children's attention and is fun for the adults in the audience as well.
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Joshua Rich brings over 15 years of experience as a children's performer, educator and father to his school shows. A self-taught pianist, Joshua plays with a flair never before seen that is gauranteed to captivate children of all ages. His original, catchy material is at once singable and moving, both funny and poignant. He performs around the country and several of the tunes from his cd "Talking To Furniture" can be heard on XM Satellite radio.
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