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Phone: 717-751-0146
For grades: k-12
Requirements for live visit: Table, PA System or mike and amp., Stage is nice not nessary
Fees for live visit: $500-$1000


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Thank you much for a very enjoyable and interesting program. Student response was positive and favorable. They particularly enjoyed the participation of students during the performance.
--- S.F. Christopher McCann

Ana Marie has always had an endearing love for puppets. This love is made clear to her audiences by her magical ability to make her puppet friends come to life. Whether talking to her chimpanzee sidekick Dashielle or listening to a story told by one of her 70 puppet friends, she sweeps her audience away into her fun filled fantasy world. Many educators think a ventriloquist is too young an act to have for a Jr. or Sr. High. This is just not so! No matter how much a youth thinks they know who's going to be talking... two minutes into the show those thoughts go quickly out the window! Once Ana Marie's flawless abilities bring her puppets effortlessly to life, no one seems to be able to figure out who is really talking!

Having her B.S. in therapy, working with youth in many differant settings, has given Ana Marie an insite she uses to be versatile with her act. Ana Marie and her friends can address any issue you woulk like them to. Having a theme...such as Dinosaur week, is also something Ana Marie and her friends can help out with. With such a variety of characters available in her suitcase she probably can come up with just the characters and scripts to make your theme week a roaring success!

Many Schools just enjoy having Ana Marie demonstrate the quickly fading art of ventriloquism! Her ventriloquil comedy show utilizes both a Dummy and soft puppets. She also explains ventriloquism. There is also audience participation, which the kids particularly love! Of course how good would a ventriloquist be if she didn't do wierd magic, along with some blind puppet juggling!

Whether you need a show to have a message in it or to just be entertaining. Ana Marie and her puppet friends can fit the bill. Being versatile with her act allows Ana Marie to reach a much broader scope of kids. From doing stand up comedy with her "dummy"friends. To teaching the danger of bullying in todays society with her dinosaur friend Dizzy, to a school awards banquet, she shows an incredible ability to fascinate even the largest variety of audiences.

Ana Marie and her puppet friends are ready to fill your entertainment needs, whatever they are.
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AnaMarie learned her art at the tender age of 9. Since then she has perfected her craft to the highest degree. Her lip control is so astounding that she is able to do one on one close up ventriloquism without a qualm. Whether on stage, strolling through a crowd of children or close up on the T.V. screen, Ana Marie's talent always shines through.

People all over the East coast have been entertained by the uniquie ability of Ana Marie. From Texas to Florida to North Carolina on up, she has entertained audiences of all ages. She is the only ventriloquist to ever perform at the famed Covent Garden in Londen England. And Marie has a B.S. in therapy. It is while using this degree that she gained much experience with children of all ages.She created the first "burn" puppet and educational script for it, in the nation. She wrote and performed scripts for the nations "Say No to Drugs" campaign. Ana Marie also developed a puppet therapy program which she utized extensively all over the East Coast early on in her career. Ana Marie and her Friends not only perform at schools. They have been seen on T.V., the Acadamy of Natural Sciences and Theme Parks. They have worked for such corporations as Peppridge Farms, A.T.& T., SmithKline Beckman, Alco, General Electric and more.

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