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Phone: 623-208-3230
For grades: 6 thru 12, College & Universities, Parents, Classified and Certified Staff
Requirements for live visit: Schools who have a desire to be proactive.
Fees for live visit: $750 -- $3,800 (includes all expenses)


Motivational Speaker, Author, Leadership Training, Teambuilding »

Larry Tracey and his program has brought students and staff together to improve school climate. He has created sensitivity between students from different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds.
--- Barb Ritsko Stephens - Newspaper In Education, The Chronicle-Telegram

Most people get distracted by the drama and the garbage of life. Knowing The Secret of the Can gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams and direction in life.

Give your students this fast paced one-hour session with author and Youth4Youth founder, Larry Tracey and his garbage can. During an hour that has been described as practical and down-to-earth, Larry shares tools that have helped thousands of teens and adults avoid wandering down the road of personal destruction by sending them on a journey of personal construction.




  • Discover your dreams, goals & vision

    Larry uses humor, personal experiences and audience interaction, which helps students and staff understand how to apply these principles to their daily lives. Understanding the secret is the most life-changing event one can experience. No longer are you distracted by the garbage of life but you are now free to pursue your dreams and direction in life. This was an awesome awakening experience. L. Stone 8th grade teacher

    Today was a wakeup call proving to me I need to think positive to get somewhere in life. Sarah S. 11th grade

    Today was a turning point in my life! Katelyn A. 8th grade

    Don't let garbage cans get in your way! Nomi P. 6th grade

    As a former public school educator of 32 years I have witnessed quality assemblies come and go, but have never seen a program embed itself into a school and build its power base within the student body as does Larry's program. Finn Laursen - Executive Director, Christian Educators Association

    Ultimate Leadership Training

    Give students the advantage with personal leadership training! This interactive retreat-style training will provide the catalyst for rapid personal growth and transformation. Delivered with excellence, Ultimate Leadership Training (UTL) will train, inspire, motivate, and empower students. Students receive an Ultimate Leadership Manual to continue their process after the training. Train student organizations, sports teams, high school and middle school groups. Give every student the skills and tools for success. Excellent for students who are at a higher risk for failure.




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    From studying for the priesthood to being part of the pit crew for Evel Knievel, Larry Tracey has risen to the top the hard way. Larry spent thirteen years learning hard lessons on what he calls a road of personal destruction. Amazingly, these life experiences propelled him to a road of personal construction This former classroom teacher, past outreach coordinator for at-risk youth, and counselor, left the educational environment to increase his ability to impact and change lives. Specializing in creating awareness and understanding that changes attitudes and thinking patterns; Larry teaches people how to Plant Seeds of Success in others and in themselves through powerful, interactive, life-changing trainings and Keynotes.

    For the past three years, Chicken Soup for the Soul founder and The Success Principles author, Jack Canfield, has mentored Larry. In Jack's words, Larry has a genuine way of transforming an entire school building through the Youth4Youth program and has added another powerful tool with The Secret of the Can. His vision, passion and pursuit of excellence in education are remarkable! I have great respect for Larry and am honored to call him my friend.

    Larry was one of Toastmasters International top speakers in 2003 and competed in the semifinals of The World Championship of Public Speaking, in Ottawa, Canada, in June 2008. People find his style very genuine, passionate, and down-to-earth.

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