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Phone: 727-895-2316
For grades: 3-12
Requirements for live visit: When working with large groups, sound reinforcement may be needed.
Fees for live visit: $100 per day in local schools, contact for out of area fees. Scholarships available.


Performing Songwriter »

Donna Klein is informative, fun, and she really knows how to write a song!
--- John Hopkins Middle School

Songwriter in the School - Informances for the Classroom

What is an Informance?

  • It is Donna's combination of songwriting workshop and live performance.

Which age group?

  • Donna's "informances" are best suited to grades three and above, although she's had success adapting the program to younger students (grades K-2).

Maximum participation?

  • Individual classrooms to an entire grade level can be accommodated at one time with this program.

How long does it last?

  • Informances can be done in as little as 30 minutes. If the program takes place in the classroom, five minutes between classes is needed. In the media center, auditorium or cafeteria, approximately 30 minutes is needed to set up and another 30 is needed to break down sound when finished. Donna will furnish her own sound where necessary.

The end result?

  • Everyone relates well to the material presented and comes away with and understanding that music is a universal language with many different dialects. Donna emphasizes that education is the key to success in life and speaks of the skills necessary for successful songwriting.

A Brief Overview of the Informance

  • Upon arrival, performance of one song
  • How music surrounds us-radio, TV, computers, commercials
  • Popular music styles and combinations
  • Brief overview of why Donna writes music
  • Skills needed to write a song: math, language, reading, current events…
  • Is there a "right way" to write a song?
  • Usual parts of a song
    • Introduction - why songs usually have one
    • Verse - generally tells your story
    • Chorus - often repeats itself (hook) and contains the song title
    • Bridge - brain hears something different as you travel from the beginning to the end of the song
    • Ending - signals that the song is finished
  • Arrangement and Orchestration
    • Solo performance - of song just evaluated
    • Full instrumentation - listen to studio arrangement of same tune
  • Questions and Answers
  • Performance of another composition and more Q & A

Also available...

Songwriter in the School

  • "Informance" program in the Pinellas County, FL School System since 1995

Composer in the Schools

  • Performed a special arrangement of an original composition with Perkins Elementary CAIS Orchestra

Guitar Orchestra

  • Developing prototype for group teaching of guitar

Performing Songwriter

  • Produce and host Keeping Company ... with Donna Klein - a recurring concert event featuring the independent performing songwriter
  • Performances at: Clearwater Folk Festival, Wings & Strings Music Festival, Suwannee Springfest, Will McLean Festival, South Florida Folk Festival
  • "Informance" on folk music in America at Ruth Eckerd Hall

Songwriting Awards

  • Glass of Sunshine and Silenced: Grand Prize, Americana Art and Music Festival, 2002
  • Another Man's Wife: Grand Prize, Festival of States Art & Music Festival, 1995
  • Florida Summer Night and Take Responsibility, honored by Will McLean Foundation, 1994
  • Dancing in the Moonlight: Grand Prize, Americana Art & Music Festival, 1994
  • Fear of the Fire: Grand Prize, Americana Art & Music Festival, 1992


  • New York City - 1997
  • Sail Beyond the Sunset - upcoming release containing award winner "Silenced"

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