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Phone: 904-725-5817
For grades: Pre-K through 7
Requirements for live visit: Three microphones, if needed, three chairs, water.
Fees for live visit: negotiable, call Aunt Peggy.
Funding: No


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I really enjoyed your story when you told it you did a good job. You made it seem like you were in the character's place and made it so it put a beautiful picture in my imagination like the story was really happening right now.
--- Lauren, 6th Grade

A full program of traditional storytelling, folklore and folk songs sprinkled with history taking students into the exciting world of imagination and the past. This is geared to bring happiness and encourage the fun of reading, creative writing and self-confidence. They also demonstrate wooden toys with student participation. Aunt Peggy and Jay's dress is appropriate to the theme of the presentation.

They relate and demonstrate how to find, learn and tell stories and how music can be used with stories.

They encourage students to talk to grandparents and family to learn how life was in the past, to write it down and then tell about it.

As follow-up students are encouraged to retell stories and create stories from ideas heard from Aunt Peggy and Jay.

Aunt Peggy and Jay's programs are from 15 to 45 minutes for each grade level depending on the schedule for the day. Skills students and teachers should expect to achieve are to be able enjoy and appreciate stories and songs and then to write and tell their own stories, sometimes using drawings to illustrate them.
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Aunt Peggy and Jay grew up in South Carolina and have lived in Florida since 1956. Aunt Peggy has worked with the Environmental Studies Program in the Duval County Schools as teacher, consultant in Storytelling-Career Awareness, programs for Chapter 1 and Headstart. She was Park Technician-Intrepreter of Florida History at Ft. Caroline National Memorial.

Jay brings to their programs a lifetime interest in Folklore with song and guitar.

They have taught storytelling and folk music for community education through Florida Comminity College at Jacksonville.

Each year Aunt Peggy and Jay visit schools, libraries and museums throughout Florida as well as Georgia the Carolinas and Ohio.

Other performances include the Florida Folk Festival every year since 1959, State and National Parks, Philadelphia Folk Festival, SS Norway cruise ship, the Cloister, Sea Island,Ga. and National Public Radio.

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