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Phone: 281-485-1940
For grades: K-5
Requirements for live visit: lots of smiling kids


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I couldn't believe the impact of Daisy's Circus on my students. Never before had a program made such a lasting impression. It was by far the Greatest School Show on Earth!
--- Priscilla King, Hatton Elementary , Bridge City, Texas

Daisy's circus is filled with music and lights as Ringmaster John introduces the show while Daisy rides in on her life-size tricycle. The room fills with excitement as Daisy receives direction from Rosebud the Bear. Rosebud holds the cards that tell Daisy which Life Skill to introduce next. Through circus acts such as walking the tightrope, Daisy teaches Following Directions, Team Work, Confidence, and Cooperation. Teachers entertain the students as they are transformed into lions and are instructed by the student animal trainer to jump through the Ring of Fire. Fluffy the Dog gets encouragement from the audience as he builds his confidence and decides to be shot from the make-believe cannon. Daisy asks a teacher to light the cannon and talks about the importance of students not playing with matches. The magic words, I Love School, echo through the auditorium as Fluffy is successfully caught in the safety net by a student. The Grande Finale features Daisy as she tries to set her Priorities. Her goal is to reach the top of the ladder and reach the Gold Star. Daisy believes every student is a star. The students burst into applause as she accomplishes her goal! You do not want your students to miss this action packed, professionally presented program!
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Phyllis Sheffield aka Daisy the Clown has been an educator for 27 years. She discovered that she clowned when she taught and taught when she clowned. She has recently retired from education but did not want to get too far from the classroom. Daisy's Circus, an educational and entertaining school show, was created so that Phyllis could continue her love for education.

Mrs. Sheffield has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. She was chosen as Teacher of the Year from her school in 1996. Phyllis was also appointed by her principal to work with the Zig Ziglar Corporation to bring the I Can program, a motivational self-confidence curriculum, to her school system.

Phyllis is an active member of the clown world. She is on the board of Texas Clown Association and World Clown Association. She is also on staff at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse Clown Camp under the direction of Dr. Richard Snowberg. An award winning clown on both the local and international level, Daisy has had the privilege of clowning abroad with People to People Ambassadors. You will also find Phyllis as the character of Daisy at birthday parties, churches, prisons, and at fairs and festivals.

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