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Phone: 585-544-6024
For grades: K-12; university
Requirements for live visit: None
Fees for live visit: $330 single performance up to one hour; $380 for two performances; $450 for a half-day up to three performances; $515 for four performances; $580 for a full day up to five performances. Multiple performances last ~ 45 minutes. K-2 performances last ~ 30


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David Schuler's portrayal of John Adams is truly remarkable. His training in acting and knowledge of history combine to make this fiery, emotion-filled patriot come alive. It is as if he is in the room with you. . . . This is living history at its best.
--- Elaine Berner & Karen Richau, Gifted Education, Monroe 2 BOCES, New York

This portrayal of John Adams--farmer, lawyer, patriot, Congressman, diplomat, vice-president and president--is presented as though Adams has come to visit your school. The first-person biographical performance weaves together important events in Adams' life with humorous stories that help bring to life this founding father's invaluable contributions to the birth of our nation: helping to plant the seeds of rebellion, helping to push for independence, helping to forge a new nation, and helping to guide the young republic in its early years as a free and independent country.

The program content is well researched, based on the scholarly work of Joseph Ellis, John Fiske,David McCullough, Page Smith and the definitive Adams papers edited by L. H. Butterfield among others. Schuler's own interest in John Adams first developed in 1986 when he was asked to portray the fiery patriot in Peter Stone's musical version of the fight for independence, 1776. Through additional intensive reading and studying of Adam's diaries and enormous letter correspondence with his wife, Abigail, and Thomas Jefferson, Schuler has acquired considerable knowledge not only about Adams' life and family, but also about colonial life, the Revolutionary War, period politics, food, and fashions of the times. This helps make the question and answer sessions which often follow the assemblies and classroom visits intriguing, engaging and entertaining.

By incorporating the importance of education and emphasizing the values of honesty, sincerity, integrity and justice into the fabric of this biographical portrait, Schuler embodies the essence--the passion and wisdom--of this fascinating man.
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Active as an actor, director and lecturer, David Schuler has been performing his one-man historical portrayal of John Adams for schools, colleges, and community and arts organizations throughout the United States for over five years. Mr. Schuler has over 20 years experience as a performer in musicals, opera and drama. Favorite leading roles include Mozart in Amadeus; Poppy/David in The Voice of the Prairie; Jenik in The Bartered Bride; David Klein in Bitter Friends; and Duple Dims in The Quilling of Prue. Mr. Schuler has directed Shakespeare, musicals and world premiere dramas in New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Indiana and Norway. He has taught theatre at Binghamton University and the University of Colorado, where he is currently completing a Ph.D. in Theatre. As part of his doctoral research, Mr. Schuler spent seven months north of the Arctic Circle in northern Norway working with the Saami (Lapp) National Theatre. As a result of this experience, he has received invitations to speak at the Chautauqua Institute, Middfest International,SUNY-Brockport and the Norwegian Consulate as an expert on Saami life and culture.

Mr. Schuler lives in Rochester, New York with his wife, Carolyn, where they enjoy cooking, travel, photography, soccer and foreign films in their spare time.

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