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Phone: (440)655-9111 or (440)286-9874
For grades: Kindergarten through 12th grade
Fees for live visit: $285 daily, $500 for two days, or $2000 for Artist in Residence week-long sessions.


Musical Composer and Performer »

Clarence's knowledge of blues and roots music runs very deep, and his voice and writing are very hard to match!
--- Terry Currier; CEO of Burnside Records Incorporated AND Music Millenium

American Music:A Historical Journey of Song. National Recording Artist Clarence Bucaro presents an acclaimed program teaching children the history of American Music. The program explores the rich musical culture and traditions of America. It traces the history of song as it came to America, and how music and cultures have evolved into such a popular expression of the American people. The program begins with an introduction to Slave songs via West Africa, and travels through the Southern churches, Appalachian countrysides, Mississippi Delta, Lousiana bayous, Southern cottonfields, Oklahoma dust bowl towns, textile mills, the Underground Railroad, and of course the urban cities. The program serves not as just a history of American music, but as a history of the people of America and their traditions. Clarence teaches through the use of live music, audio recordings, video recordings, and audience participation. Clarence brings a large assortment of musical instruments that he plays including the guitar, banjo, mandolin, washtub bass, washboard, box drum, and dobro. Clarence will sing and play many songs including slave work songs, spirituals, country, ragtime, and blues songs. The program is directed towards both young children and adolescents. Interaction with the children is a very big part of the program. The children will participate in using Clarence's homemade instruments, and in composing a blues song. The children will also participate in sing-alongs and handclaps. Children will leave the program with a basic understanding of the role of music in American life, and the place in time that each song and songform represent. Children will learn how popular songforms like Gospel, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, and Jazz evolved. The program is truly a great educational program designed to bring an understanding of the trials of American people, the history of cultures and traditions of Americans, and an understanding of the role music has played in this country's way of life.
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Clarence Bucaro is a National Recording artist with Burnside Records of Portland, Oregon. Clarence mixes a unique style of acoustic blues with North American folk music. His debut album will be released in November of 2002. Clarence's knowledge of American music goes far beyond blues music. He has intensely studied the history of American music, including the studies of North American Folklore and ballads, and slave songs. He will be touring the country to promote his debut blues album in late 2002 and 2003. He received a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Political Science from The Ohio State University. Clarence plays the guitar, dobro, washtub bass, mandolin, banjo, washboard, and is vocally trained.
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