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For grades: ALL
Requirements for live visit: Enclosed performance buildings
Fees for live visit: Varies with type of performance, please call.


Puppeteer, Costumer »

A pair of skilled hands is worth more to society than the output of a second rate mind
--- Hibbard

Two Black light performances exist:
Each are 30 minutes of very exciting marionette arts and magic with total excitement and focus.An interactive show/tell is an additional offering to extend the performance time to 1 hour.

HAND PUPPET PERFORMANCE (S): (No special effects required)
Our hand puppet performance is centered around values and respect for one another using animal caricatures.It is warm hearted and embraces the depth of sharing, caring, honesty and respect with abstract invitational methods. (30 Min+)

We guarantee all our perfomances and our history of successes in all the forms of our world wide known participation is greatly protected and maintained.
Also available...

Started in 1944, the Rankin Family (Fantasy with Strings)revolutionized the building of puppets with it's article in Popular Mechanics (1958)Apr/Mayand years of perfomances in all mediums, including Ed Sullivan, the Hotel Astor, clubs, schools and corporate events. Cruise ship entertainment began in the late '50's.We are professionals with quality and experience for all ages and all audiences.Top agents such as Mark Leddy in NYC booked (Fantasy with Strings) on Broadway and up and down the East Coast.Visit our web site also:

We also own and operate Animal Costume Rentalswww.funmascots.comWe offer as rentals, our own 350 copyrighted mascots to organizations, businesses, etc (no retail) shipped UPS to your door.

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