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Phone: 708-218-7001
For grades: Pre K through college
Requirements for live visit: Changing room
Fees for live visit: Fees vary by location and organization. Discounts given for multiple shows. Call or email for details.


Historical Portrayal / Storytelling and Motivational Programs »

"The program was fantastic! The children got to take part; they learned a lot and had fun doing it. This was the second time we have had a Histories for Kids,Inc. presentation, both times we were very pleased."
--- St. Albert the Great School, Burbank, IL

The one man, interactive presentationsgive audiences a new, first person perspective on the people and events that make up our history and culture.  Remember, history happens when you least expect it!

Program Titles-- Please check our website for program descriptions

(approximately 45 minutes in length including short Q & A)

  • Tall Tales (all ages)
  • Superheroes Then and Now  (all ages)
  • Lewis and Clark  (all ages)
  • Teddy Roosevelt  (all ages)
  • George Washington: Mount Vernon to Washington D.C. (all ages)
  • Benjamin Franklin (all ages)
  • Let the Games Begin: The Origins of Sports . (all ages)
  • Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories (all ages)
  • Monster Mayhem of the Midwest (all ages)
  • King Arthur and His Tales of the Round Table  (all ages)
  • Fantastic Food Firsts (all ages)
  • Aesops Fables (all ages)
  • Pirate Tales(all ages)
  • Burnham's Chicago   (grades 3 and up)
  • Andrew Jackson, the Story of Ol' Hickory  (grades 3 and up)
  • Nicholas Flamel's Science Faction of Fiction (grades 3 and up)
  • U.S. Grant:  The Hero of Appomattox (grades 3 and up)
  • Hooray for Art! (grades 3 and up)
  • The Underground Railroad  (grades 3 and up)
  • Early Movers and Shakers  (grades 3 and up)
  • Leaders of the Band--the March King  (grades 3 and up)
  • Illinois Inventors (grades 3 and up)
  • Jamestown Settlement  (grades 3 and up)
  • Historical Illinois (grades 3 and up)
  • Stephen Douglas  (grades 3 and up)
  • Henry Ford  (grades 5 and up)
  • James Madison: Father of the Constitution (grades 5 and up)
  • The War of 1812: Mr. Madison's War (grades 6 and up)
  • Alexander Hamilton: The American Rages to Riches Story (grades 6 and up)
  • Mudslinging, Muckraking and Apple Pie:  Presidential Campaigns, the Great American Pastime (grades 6 and up)
  • Pierre Salinger and the 1000 Days of Kennedy's Camelot (grades 6 and up)
  • Over There--The War to End All Wars (grades 6 and up)

Great for Holiday Presentations (Also available year round)

  • The Legend of St Nicholas  (all ages)
  • Haunted History (grades 3 and up-- younger students might appreciate Monster Mayhem of the Midwest)
  • Edgar Allen Poe: To Tell a Tale  ( grades 6 and up)
  • Charles Dickens: A Tale with a Twist   (grades 6 and up)
  • Hysteria in Salem (grades 6 and up)

For the high school and college crowd-- motivations programs: (please check our
HFK Presents website )

  • Mistakes Happen!  (companion book available for purchase)
  • One Size Does Not Fit All
  • We the People

Some of the historical portrayal programs may be customized for older students.  Call or email for details.


Program descriptions are available on the HFK Presents link at:  Call or email for details.

Also available...

Explore historical personalities and their accomplishments through the entertaining and engaging talents of veteran actor Terry Lynch.

Terry has over 20 years' experience as a professional actor in Chicagoland. Trained at Chicago's Second City Training Center, and Improv Olympic, his children's theatre credits include working with Emerald City Theatre and AlphaBet Soup Productions in Chicago. He has performed numerous school, library, historical society and park district programs for Histories for Kids, Inc. in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, and Michigan.

All programs are researched by Laura Lynch, certified teacher and member of Who's Who in American Education and Who's Who Among Young American Professionals. We are curriculum based, so shows are not only entertaining, but will help your school meet its State Teaching Standards and Goals.

All shows include an extensive study guide and bibliography of books and websites you can use in your classroom to prepare for, or follow up on your assembly.

For the high school and college crowd, motivation presentations also available!

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