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Phone: 978-670-6368
For grades: K - 12
Fees for live visit: $200 - $325


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The program provides the audience with insights into the challenges that Kerry faces in every day life as a blind person as well as the ways in which she has learned to overcome these challenges. She educates the group about guide dogs, particularly their training. Kerry and her Seeing Eye dog, Hank, then demonstrate how a blind person and their dog work together. Kerry also allows student volunteers to step into the "shoes" of a blind person and a Seeing Eye dog through specially designed props. The program is both fun and educational. Kerry has observed: "I am always surprised to discover that everyone, especially children, are anxious to hear my story, watch my dog work, and, most especially, to ask me questions." The presentation includes videos, books, pamphlets, lesson plan suggestions, her oral presentation, a question and answer period, as well as the demonstration with Hank and volunteers. Materials are available prior to the program date, so that teachers can provide students with a basic knowledge of working dogs and their training.
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Kerry has a Masters degree in Education from the University of Arizona. She was the first blind person in the State of Arizona to teach in a regular education classroom. In trying to gain acceptance as a both a teacher and a person with a disability, she initially developed this program for the school system in Mesa, Arizona where she taught. Her presentations have allowed both adults and children to understand that, while we are all different, we also share so much in common. Due in part to her efforts, several people with disabilities have been hired as teachers in Arizona. While she is presently not teaching in order to care for my three young children, she would like to continue this work in the New England area. Life's challenges are endless, but in sharing her life with others, she believes that she can help to make the road a bit smoother for those who follow her.
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