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Phone: 860-659-8992
For grades: K - 4th grades
Fees for live visit: $325for 1 show; $200 for additional shows same day


Don Donegan, One Man Band »

Your Musical Geography Trip was wonderful. You did a great job of keeping the children interested by having them participate in the program. It was an enjoyable learning experience for both students and teachers.
--- Sr. Annette, principal of St. Peter's School in Torrington, CT

Would you like your students to take a musical journey from New England to Florida right in your own auditorium? The show will increase students' appreciation of the diverse geography of this country by associating our eastern coastal states with familiar songs. The stage is set with a colorful 7-foot US map, 12 large individual state "flash" cards, a car and the 20-foot "auto" train. I choose a car driver and navigator who will write in the abbreviations for each state we go through. Depending on the ages (the show is tailored for those assembled) the children are quizzed on states, capitols, oceans, north-south directions and political questions involving Pres., VP, number of Senators, etc. Students use map reading, social studies and language arts skills as we travel down the East Coast. Twenty six students are chosen to role-play, sing, play rhythm instruments, dance, exercise and march. The first song for grades K-2 is usually "New York New York" with three volunteers picked to dance with top hats and canes. The first song for grades 3-4 is "This Land Is Your Land" prefaced by lyrical geography questions such as "Where are the redwood forests and gulf stream waters?" I have found kids learn best when they are having fun. The show is a combination of education and entertainment, and both are cleverly intertwined. An example of this dynamic occurs when volunteers come up to sing solos into the microphone on "This Land Is Your Land" and "Small World." Other songs performed are On The Road Again, Anchors Away, Morning Town Ride, Dixie, Yankee Doodle, Swannee River, Your Mama Don't Dance, When I See An Elephant Fly and The Mickey Mouse March. Much of the 55-minute show is spent getting to Florida, and the payoff, of course, is Disney World.
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Don Donegan sings, plays guitar and harmonica and uses prerecorded bass, drums and keyboard sounds he make in his studio, Rainbow Music. He has performed this show hundreds of times since 1989 and has 25 years of full-time performing experience (18 years with children. He also teaches voice, guitar and songwriting and in 1979, founded the Connecticut Songwriters Association. He would love to share with your students his interest in music and geography.
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