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Phone: 413-267-5557
For grades: 7-12
Requirements for live visit: Auditoriums only
Fees for live visit: $2200. per show, discounts for multiple shows


Actor, Comedian »

A new weapon in the war against bad choices; laughter. Gloriously irreverent laughter.
--- The New York Times

What began as a therapeutic side project has turned into one of the most popular assemblies for students across the country. Actor/Comedian John Morello considers himself a survivor of a high risk childhood. Having spent most of his life watching friends and family become victims of destructive decisions he responded by writing the one man show “Dirt”. Not a lecture or seminar, “Dirt” is a play of many characters all performed by one actor. With 15 years of stage experience Morello comically and effortlessly slips in and out of the characters to tell a story which is compelling, unique, and yet is unfortunately the story of far too many of our young people. Audiences are sure to see someone they know or can relate to and it is this cathartic recognition that has been connecting with young people across the country.


Morello’s show “Dirt” has become the number one recommended assembly for young people by the New England and New Jersey chapters of SADD, MADD, and ASAP (Association of Student Assistance Professionals). “Dirt” is now endorsed for camps and retreats like TIGS, MADD Power Camp, and numerous peer mediation groups. The formula for this success is quite simple according to Morello. “ Kids don’t need flashing lights, cliches, and a circus production to connect with them. Like all of us they want honesty, respect, and someone who is real.” As characters speak honestly about their experiences the audience understands how seemingly disconnected lives are indeed tied together and influencing each-other. In the end “Dirt” addresses the core reasons for substance abuse such as self esteem, depression, and a desire to find a purpose in this often chaotic life.

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Born in Detroit and raised in Boston, John Morello has been on stage for 15 years as an actor and headlining comedian. At one time a high school drop out, he now holds a BA in Theatre Arts and has appeared in numerous productions throughout New England. Although he has spent most of his time making people laugh he has always found himself working with people whose everyday realities are anything but funny. John considers himself a survivor of a “high risk” childhood. As a teenager he witnessed friends and family struggle with addiction. As a teacher in a treatment center he saw students struggle with the family cycles of self-abuse. John’s response to these struggles is a show called “Dirt.” With this new show touring the country, John is connecting with audiences in a unique theatrical setting. It is his hope that in his show everyone will see someone they know, especially themselves. John is a proud father to a little girl and the friend to two schnauzers. They all currently reside in Massachusetts.

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