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Phone: 610-444-4637
For grades: Elementary through University
Fees for live visit: Based on time, plus expenses.


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The teachers especially appreciated your genuine, historical portrayal.... Your discussion of virtues and civility tied in particularly well with our school's focus on respect and responsibility.
--- Shirley Mea

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All school programs are customized to the needs of the school. However, they usually incorporate an Assembly, followed by a question and answer period. A typical breakdown is as follows:

A. Pre-Assembly program incorporating school band playing patriotic music, singing by students or taped music.

B. Flag Procession to stage area.

C. Address by Principal followed by introduction of special guests.

D. General Washington's entrance with the sound of fife and drum music (on tape) or CD of "Hail to the Chief" or school band playing a patriotic tune.

F. General Washington will conduct a highly interactive and educational program emphasizing the virtues which he exemplified and demonstrate how everyone can emulate him. He is also available to dine (lunch) with a special group deserving of the honor.

Civility, Integrity, Principles, Honesty and Duty were all well known qualities of George Washington and what he considered vital in order to "merit the approbation of the good citizen."

The General will artfully demonstrate with real life events and situations from his time how he was able to make the right decisions under the most complex and difficult circumstances without ever violating his Principles. And best of all, he will reveal to the students how they can always know what the right answers are to their equally difficult problems today!

Many schools today prefer a program which focuses on "Leadership"; and who better than "The Father of our Country!"

This is a program that won't be soon forgotten.

Also available...

Carl is a former educator and business executive who has dedicated his retirement years toward helping children and adults discover the real George Washington. And when you attend one of Carl's highly entertaining presentations, you'll realize his portrayal goes a lot deeper than simply dressing in a blue and buff uniform. Carl grew up and still resides in historical Southeastern Pennsylvania. After serving in Viet Nam, he obtained a BS in Secondary Education and taught in Australia and the United States before he entered the corporate world. He spent the next 25 years in corporate management in the fields of book publishing, corporate training and management consulting.Carl utilizes his experiences as a soldier, educator, business executive and Washingtonian scholar to skillfully draw strong parallels between the way Washington responded to diffucult challenges and situations all of us face today at home, on the job, in society or in the classroom. Children as well as adults will learn the secrets to Washington's success and why virtually everyone saw him as their Friend and Father of the country.  Whether you're looking for a history program, a lesson on leadership, or an uplifting and educational program, General George Washington is "The Indispensible Man."

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