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Phone: 510 644-9904
For grades: Kindergarten through fifth grade
Requirements for live visit: A multipurpose room, with all tables and chairs cleared.
Fees for live visit: $500.00 for the first program and $50.00 for each program thereafter- maximum of four programs per day.


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It was great to have a children's book author inspire the use of everyday objects to create wild and wonderful experiments. It was definitely a stimulating program!
--- Katie McLane, Principal, Kaiser School, Oakland, CA

When Mark Icanberry travels to schools, libraries, bookstores, and museums, he won't just sit down and read his books as other authors might do. In fact he might not sit down at all! Mark's 50 minute programs are all about igniting the imaginations of his young audiences by combining science and building with using ordinary school or household objects such as tape, wooden dowels, helium-filled balloons, straws, paper-cups, milk-cartons, anything that is just plain ordinary. Teachers, parents and children are always amazed by his Airship Extraordinaire program that allow his audience to experiment, interact with one another and build 50 foot blimps that actually fly, balloon rockets that reach up to 100 feet, and more while including scientific principals such as, neutral bouyancy, ballast and jet propulsion. Mark's consistantly expanding and presenting new ideas for his programs by continuing the creation of The Look Learn & Do book series.
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Mark Icanberry is the author and illustrator of the popular Look Learn & Do Series. This children's activity book series combines science, history and fantasy into exciting building adventures for kids. Blimps, greenhouses, telescopes and sailboats are just a few of the activities that bridge the gap between dreaming and doing.

Better known to his family and friends as "The Professor", Mark Icanberry has been creating, experimenting, and building extraordinary projects out of ordinary objects all his life. While growing up, his favorite birthday gift was a roll of masking tape. As an adult, Mark Icanberry became inspired to share educational projects with kids everywhere after building things with his son David. His books and school programs are based on these experiences.

Mark Icanberry's successful children's book series and school programs, have caught the attention of dozens of newspapers, and magazines across the nation, and has had several TV guest appearances in such shows as, Home Matters, Smart Solutions, Mornings on 2 and more... Currently, Mark is creating his own children's TV show and syndicated activity comic strip.

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