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Phone: (208) 776-5429
For grades: 4 - 12
Requirements for live visit: Space for dancing, electrical outlet for CD player, and access for student participation.
Fees for live visit: $225 per presentation,or $400 per day.


Medieval living History »

The presentation last year was the highlight of the year. We look forward to having you come again.
--- Brigham City, Utah 6th Grade Teacher

Past-time with good company, an overview of medieval life divided into three parts with weapons and armor, medieval clothing, and medieval dance forming the core of each part. Students participate in wearing medieval armor, wearing medieval clothing , and learning a medieval dance. program reinforces concepts of chivalry and Honor. The program supports both History (Social Studies) and English (Reading). Teacher study questions available on our web site. Please note: that this program involves bringing real medieval weapons into the school,with the change in times and schools these past few years we wish to remind teachers and administrators that real armor and weapons are part of the program. The student who fights a dual with our staff member does so with a padded plastic weapon.
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Steve Simmons is a retired school teacher and curator of Somerville Manor a medieval living history, open air museum, located in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. He has over 20 years experience in medieval living history. His teaching experience ranges from a one-room school in Montana to a large multi-trac city school in Utah.
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