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Phone: 804-986-4267
For grades: 6-12
Fees for live visit: 1-date $800 3-in a row $700 5-in a row $600


Dance Historian »

(Shawn's) eyes light up when he talks about this danced, you can tell it is an all consuming passion. If you don't watch it, he'll make it yours.
--- David Rehm

The Ken Burn's of dance, Shawn traces the parallel evolution of jazz and dance. From Black Bottom and Charleston right up today's resurgence and historical reproductionist.

His presentation is an exciting multimedia presentation, including Film, audio and live demonstrations Shawn is able to create a linear progression of this complex dance in the audiences mind. They not only leave laughing and entertained, but wanting to learn more about the dance that America created on there own.

Shawn has studied dance since five years old and is currently the artistic director and choreographer for the national touring company of Swing Syndicate. He is also a professor of dance history. Currently he is writing a film script based on the life of his dancing idol and father of modern lindyhop Dean Collins, due to be completed in spring of 2002.

While most historians have done exhaustive research in libraries and all the writing about there subject, Shawn has been able to live the history. Much of his information is derived from hours of interviews with the legends themselves some who are still with us. Shawn has danced, talked with, drawn inspiration from a generation of great American that are sometimes forgotten in today's culture.

Your audience will see the dance both live and in otherwise unavailable movie footage. They will hear interviews with the pioneers that had racially integrated ballrooms in the late 20's, 40 years ahead of the rest of the country. You will experience the music and the synergy that existed between the dancers and the Jazz legends of the time.
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Shawn Burnette

  • Former United States Ice Dance Champion
  • Two time American International Latin Dance Champion
  • Attended the Juliard School of Theater
  • Creator of River City Swingout One of the World's most
  • acclaimed Lindyhop events.
  • Invited to teach and perform worldwide as an expert on
  • authentic Dean Collins Style Lindy
  • Featured in PBS Big Band Sounds of World War II
  • Former touring standup comic
  • Currently filming an national ad campaign as featured dancer
  • Lead player in touring company of Pippin
  • Band leader and vocalist for Natch Big Band

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