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Phone: Skype: greg.dimmock
For grades: Pre school to year 6
Requirements for live visit: minimum number of students 100
Requirements for virtual visit: minimum number of students 50
Fees for live visit: $5 per child
Fees for virtual visit: $3 per child


Multi instrumentalist »

Greg Dimmock is a multi-talented versatile musician and performer. His performance which includes dance games tall stories and a variety of musicial instruments is highly recommended. It gives a brief insight into some aspects of early Australian history wit excellant audience participation.
--- The Dept of Education Gazette

A Swag Full of Instruments is a music and movement performance demonstrating the didjeridu and largerphone from AustraliaThe Bodhrain, Tin Whistle and Irish Bouzaki from Ireland, The Bombarde from Brittany,The Classicial Guitar from Spain, The Hammer Dulcimer from China,The Oud from the Middle East the acoustic guitar and the spoons from the universal kitchen.

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A Swag full of Instruments is a music and movement specialist program which enable your children to experience  Music from diverse backgrounds.Exemplary musical sounds,activities,and materials.  Opportunities to explore sound through singing, moving, listening.Traditional children's songs, folk songs and classical music.Music from a variety of cultures, styles and time periods. Exploring music through active involvement.Singing a variety of simple songs in various keys, meters and genres

Greg Dimmock has been entertaining children in schools since 1988 and has performed in every state of Australia and also to children in Cairo,Kuala Lumpur,Fiji,Japan and Charlottesville America as well as performing on the QE2,demonstrating the Didjeridu to many visitors to Australia and performing at many functions at the Sydney Olympic Games and has apperared on numerous Australian childrens TV shows and radio shows including Charlottesville live on WINA 1070am on the 31/7/00.

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