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Phone: 386-462-5797
For grades: all grades
Fees for live visit: $400.00 for an assembly show/additional workshops quoted on request


Puppeteer/Clown/Living History »

The versatility, imaginativeness, and ingenious quality of his work delighted us all.
--- Smithsonian Institution

Fool of Moxie's school show is a show that explores the use and development of various types and styles of puppetry as well as combining music, mime, magic and chinese style juggling. The show explores the history and development of puppetry and puppet styles around the world from their origins as hunting disguises, to ritual, to theatrical forms. Special emphasis is given to to the rich cultural diversity of this ancient art form as perhaps the worlds oldest form of theatre, and antique and reproduction puppets from other cultures and eras are demonstrated. Optional lightweight boomerang demonstations are also available with emphasis on the history and use of boomerangs and the proper throwing technique and scientific principle that allows them to return.

In co-ordination with the assembly presentation, or as a separate project, workshops may also be included to include puppet design, building and use as well as hands-on boomerang thowing instruction. Puppet workshops include hand and rod style puppets and Indonesian style shadow puppets. The boomerangs used are very light weight and safe to use on the playground or in the gymnasium in a controlled environment.

With enough advance notice, it is possible in many cases to theme a show for your special needs.

To see a short promo video of this show performed live in a school please visit my website listed below and at the page bottom click on the school show video link.

A Colonial Schoolmaster is a living history show in which David plays a schoolmaster of the Colonial era. Our schoolmaster holds class for his students (the audience). He reads from many of the great documents, writings and speeches of early America and brings them to life for the audience by annotating and explaining them in a manner that the students are more easily able to understand.

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Using the adaptation that Dickens himself prepared for his own staged readings, David becomes Charles Dickens and dramatically presents the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. Using different voices, postures, props and bits of costume, David does more than read the story; he acts out all of your favorite characters.

Pics and more info for these shows are available at my web page listed below. Scroll to the page bottom and click on the living history character link.
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David Ballard is a master puppeteer, clown, living history presenter and variety artist. He has served as the puppet master and living history actor for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and performed for the Smithsonian Institution, The International Children's Festival at Wolftrap Farm Park, Yorktown National Historic Park, Jamestown National Historical Park and Walt Disney Productions. In education Mr. Ballard has done extensive shows and workshops for the Virginia Museum, The Virginia Arts Commission and The Arlington Humanities Program serving as a traveling resident artist for elementary, middle and secondary schools. At the University level Mr. Ballard established and directed The Crackerbox Puppet Theatre at Virginia Commonwealth University and taught under-graduate and graduate level classes in puppetry building and presentation. Mr. Ballard has performed professionally as the Fool of Moxie, touring nationally and internationally for nearly thirty years.

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