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Phone: (612) 269-4327
For grades: elementary
Fees for live visit: Please call (651) 423-0206 for current rates.


Magician, Juggler, Kid-Show Performer »

Jamie Doyle's program challenged and motivated our students to step up to the next level. While it was extremely educational, it was absolutly fun to watch and be entertained by this fresh approach to learning.
--- Superintendant Pete Zanoni - Northville Elementary Academy, Northville, MI

The difference between confidence and fear is the most important influence anybody on this earth will encounter. The confidence we have can cause our reputations, self-esteem, personal motivation, and habits to skyrocket to success and a bright future. But our FEARS can cause our reputations, self-esteem, personal motivation, and habits to take a nosedive into depression and failure… our confidence as well as fear dictates our future! That's why this year I've put together one of the most influential children's programs I've ever done!


THE INCREDIBLE FEAR NOT SHOW is not just a magic show. It is logical and hard hitting, while fun and educational at the same time. The essential message is: Our CONFIDENCE and FEARS affect our lives, so stay away from negative influences and choose to be confident even when bad things happen.

This show teaches the value of positive thinking and – without apology – the dangers of fear. I hammer on rotten thinking and negative influences while giving the audience alternative ways to find motivation and a winning outlook – even in the face of danger or bad news.

Using magic, juggling, comedy and ventriloquism I will TEACH your students. And I will teach them in a way that they won't forget. As a matter of fact we'll have so much fun, your students won't even know they're learning! So, whether you use my show as a reward, an educational assembly, a family night or a fund-raiser, everybody wins!

100% satisfaction, guaranteed!
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PERFORMER: I present hundreds of shows and educational programs yearly at schools, churches, family gatherings, company picnics and other special events and have been doing so for the past twelve years.

LECTURER: I lecture yearly and conduct workshops for magic & clown groups from all over the United States.

RESOURCE: I am providing other entertainers with props, tricks, books and tapes on magic, juggling, clowning, comedy and educating by entertaining materials.

EXPERIENCE: I have been performing, entertaining and educating children and families in a variety of settings for over twelve years.

AUTHOR: I have written and produced over a dozen books, teaching tapes and teaching videos as a resource for those who educate children by entertainment.

HUSBAND/FATHER: I've been married to my one and only wife, Jennifer Doyle for over five years. We have one son, Riley. He just turned two years old.

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