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Phone: 972 745-1935
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: $1000.00 per assembly. Heavy discounts with multiple assemblies in school district.


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There was no doubt that LIFE CHANGING decisions were being made whether it was to stand up to negative peer pressure, to excell at a higher level or generally make healthy, appropriate choices.
--- Sharon Sackett , Anaheim Union High School District

By using the feats of strength with student participation, humor and a highly motivational message, Team Impact is able to capture the attention of students and inspire them to new levels of achievement.

When Team Impact comes to your school, the young people will be at attention when these massive men perform amazing feats of strength. Once the Team captures the students attention, they speak a message of motivation and inspiration that challenges them to new levels of achievment.

Some of the issues Team Impact deals with are

  • Academic Excellence
  • Respect for authority
  • Anti-drug and alcohol
  • Bullying
  • Overcoming obstacles, and others.

Performing over 700 assemblies each year, Team Impact is a valuable resource for your school to echo what principals and teachers are instilling in their students.
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Team Impact's assembly programs use former professional, collegiate and olympic athletes performing feats of strength to communicate age-appropriate messages for hundreds of thousands of students each year. Our programs include high energy music and student participation in the assembly that captures the attention of your kids. This allows us to have a captivated audience for the message portion of our program.

Having built an encouragement arsenal over the last decade, Team Impact speaks face to face with over 700,000 students each year in our assemblies around the world.

With an average of 10+ years of public school speaking each, our team members effectively relate to students of all age groups and social backgrounds. With accomplishments such as NFL football, pro wrestling and Olympic competition, Team Impact members are able to build a rapport with students that builds a bridge to their hearts and minds.

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