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Phone: 800-890-6244
For grades: K-9
Requirements for live visit: Water and Electricity
Fees for live visit: Starting at $400 per show with discounts for multiple shows and block bookings


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After Belliveau's first show, Principal Frank Tavano approchoached PTA President Barb Miralgio and program chairwomen Cathy Zito with high praises. Wonderful, absolutely terrific. One of the Best Assemblies.
--- Franklin Park Herald-Journal newspaper

At last, a science show that every can not only see, but understand and enjoy. The aim of Steve's show is to inspire students to get involved is science themselves.

This show will make your students laught, learn and enjoy science. This is a physics based program presented in an entertaining manner and is full of unexpected happenings. Steve Belliveau, B.S. in Engineering Applied Science, is the dynamic assembly leader. The show provides twists to common science experiments which exhibit the principles of Static Electricity, Air Pressure, Water Pressure, Sound, Light/Color/Eyes, Friction, Pulleyes, Distribution of Weight, Conservation of Energy and Inductive and Deductive Reasoning.

The show then moves on to a large scale physics stunts which will be new to your students and are sure to captivate their attention. During the show a teacher will be turned into a human Gyroscope, a student will ride a Hubacraft across the floor, one girl will beat four boys in the classic Tug of War, an 185 mph air blower is used to create a mini Tornado and Liquid Nitrogen (-320 degrees below 0 F) makes for very cool experiments. Students come on stage to participate in several of the experiments. Music accompanies most of the larger stunts to add atmosphere and a theatrical setting.

Each show is 45 minutes and comes complete with professional sound system and Teacher's Guides.

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We perform over 350 schools shows a year.   All shows are geared to the ages of the students watching.   Many shows feature liquid nirogen, human gyroscope, hovercraft, electric generators, green science demonstrations, chemistry demonstrations and more.   There are 11 specific shows offered.   The shows come complete with all equipment, PA, mini posters and teacher's guides.   There is video, photos and brochures at    


Getting Excited About Science takes pride in using only large easy to see equipment and props designed to be seen from great distances. The show includes it's own sound system and custom music. Teacher's guides are always given to each school.   More information can be found at

Steve is a member of the National Science Teacher's Association and the Illinois Science Teacher's Assocation. He has appeared on WGEM,  WGN, BOZO show, and has apperaed in hundred's of newspaper features across the Midwest including the Chicago Tribune. He has performed for the Detroit Zoo, Chicago Botanical Gardens, Museum of Science and Industry, Argonne National Lab, Kenosha Museum and hundreds of festivals across the midwest.

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Getting Excited About Science was much bigger than I expected. Steve brings, in a full stage full of expeiments which included a hovercraft, human gyroscope, liquid nitrogen, elecetric generators, a...
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Getting Excited about Science had our students do just that... They were excited about Science. He took scientific principles and created fun ways to not only understand the concepts but remember the...
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