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Phone: (904)529-8653
For grades: Mainly 3rd-8th, Some k-2nd & 9th-12th, Otherwise - Civic Groups, Libraries, Museums, Age 5-95
Requirements for live visit: Lapel Microphone for large groups
Fees for live visit: $250 Single, More than one (same location) $100 per hour, Full Day rate $600, plus travel


One Man Dramatist »

The stories are in first person, I highly recommend him to any teacher who wishes to give students a hands-on experience with American History
--- Marjorie Zanders, Jordan Glen School, Archer Florida

Enjoy a Piece of American History... With tales of the days and times of Dr. Franklin (1706-1790)

All programs are geared for the age and intersts of the group. The most popular of the 35-50 minute prsentation is BEN'S STORY great for ages 5-95. Other programs are: Colonial Days... Ben's View of the Environment!.. The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God... Virtues & Values... The Junto...

Every day in America is a good day to meet Dr. Frankkin... Make plans for Ben to visit with your students.

If you ask... I will bring the kite and you will learn about a rainy windy summer night, the year was 1752, the month was June, What happen? A discovery... Lightning and Electricity is on in the same

The ideal programing format for a school is - a day long program, Dr. Franklin welcomes your students arriving (getting off the Bus), then appears on the close circuit TV with the morning announcements, Followed by a presentation to a large group of students 100+, then smaller groups for more interactive program, some times with a special lunch ativity, at the end of the school day, Ben waves to the students has the leave for home.

Presentaions, Stories, Interaction, Photo Opportunities and Time for Questions & Answers.

Good day Your friend and well wisher B. Franklin, printer aka Art Yeaman
Also available...

A Patriot. An Educator. A Naturist. A Writer. & A Citizen-At-large... Art Yeaman brings history alive and life to a history or science lesson.

A U.S. Marine Corps Master Sergeant (retired), a Florida Master Gardener, . Now on is way to being a Master Dramatist for American History. Art has made over 450 apperances and spoken to more than 70,000 people since 1995. He resides in Green Cove Springs, Florida and he mainly presents in the Northeast Florida area. His travels for 2001 and 2002 will take him to GA,SC,NC,WV,VA,PA,DE,MD and OH.

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