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Phone: 1-866-446-2442 (toll free) or In Sarasota county,
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: This show can be performed inside or outside, your choice. Electricity must be present at the site. All the equipment is on wheels. The equipment cannot be carried up stairs, due to its heavy weight. I have ramps to circumvent steps and short stairways
Fees for live visit: From $450


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These kids learned more watching you than they probably did all year, and the beauty of it is they didn't even realize they were learning.
--- S. Bruno, Wauseon, OH

The Art and History of Blacksmithing Show is a 45 to 60 minute demonstration of wrought iron metalwork for your students to witness and enjoy. Paul Esterline, blacksmith, will create for your school to keep, a country style dinner bell right before the students eyes. While creating this piece of artwork using a propane forge, Paul will not only explain what he is doing while he is doing it, but he will also share the history of blacksmiths, their work, and their roles.

Paul tells the story of how he, as a 15 year old boy, decided to learn the age old craft of blacksmithing. He tells of both his failed attempts and his triumphs, helping students realize they must never, ever give up, that they must always believe in themselves.

Sharing the importance of recycling, Paul tells how every piece of steel can be changed into a work of art or into something functional, never the less, into something not to be thrown away.

This real educational experience is a show like no others. This show will be one which students and teachers alike will talk about for years to come. Your audience will thank you for this UNFORGETTABLE experience. Perfect for all ages as the program is tailored to the education level of the audience.

Look, he still has those kids attention and there he is talking about molecules.

W. Bates, Evergreen, OH
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Who else wants to have fun while learning and experiencing living history, science, mathematics, and art?

Paul Esterline has been forging iron and steel into works of art for more than 25 years. Completely self taught in the art of blacksmithing, Paul has researched blacksmiths, their trade history, their tools, and their role in society. He's willing to share this knowledge with you and your students, while he creates a work of art for your school to keep for a lifetime. Complimented on not only his fantastic works of art, but also on his ability to entertain while teaching. Mr. Esterline is a 5th generation teacher, but his teaching medium is not the usual classroom setting, not the usual classroom subject. Paul's lessons are ones of encouragement and skills, self esteem and self worth, hard work and dedication. Yet he still manages to throw in history, science, mathematics, and art right along the way.

The Art and History of Blacksmithing Show has been performed at numerous schools throughout the southeast. Sharing another aspect of American history, science, mathematics, and art with students, Paul Esterline will make your assembly UNFORGETTABLE!

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