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Phone: 800-373-6580
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: Some minor setup help required
Fees for live visit: $495 and above, depending on which program option is selected (video rental also available for only $199)
Funding: Many schools utilize their Safe & Drug Free Schools grants for payment. We also have corporate sponsors who assist in certain regions.


K-12 Big Screen Assembly Programs »

I have never seen such a large group of students remain so intently involved for such a long period of time.
--- Michael Krulfeld of Yorktown HS, Arlington, VA

Boundaries is our 7-12 grade program that will discuss setting healthy boundaries as well as teaching young people to break through restrictive boundaries. We utilize carefully selected true stories, Hollywood film clips, and a soundtrack of current music. These elements all serve to reinforce the central message that boundaries are a fundamental part of our lives.

Tug-O-War is designed for K-6 grade students. This program confronts the issues of bullying and peer pressure that more and more elementary students are faced with daily. Through this powerful DVD presentation we will encourage young students to learn how to pull together, not apart.
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Motivational Productions is an organization created and founded on the principals of faith, honesty, integrity, loyalty and love. Our mission is to "inspire, motivate and encourage all individuals regardless of race, age or gender to accept and strive for nothing less than excellence throughout all life's endeavors."

Through the use of heartfelt multimedia presentations and carefully developed curricula, we commit to an uncompromising message of the importance of building great character, strong morals and values. As an organization, we realize that each person is wonderfully and uniquely designed by God, and the cornerstone of our existence is to never lose our focus on the value of one changed life!

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