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Phone: 707-433-2297
For grades: 3 - adult
Fees for live visit: negotiable.


Multi-cultural Storyteller »

Cathryn enchanted these kids for the whole hour! They decided to invite her to their class picnic.
--- Pat Aldrich, Middle School Teacher

History, English, ESL, Social Studies, and Art classes can be enhanced while the teacher gets to relax and enjoy with the students. Storytelling is best enjoyed in the intimacy of smaller groups and Cathryn will perform in individual groups of one or two classrooms for the same price as a school-wide assembly.

Performances involve the audience, stimulating questions, laughter and wonder. Each student is the hero of each story, with the pictures created in their own minds.

Some of the presentations are available bilingually in Spanish or Chinese and bits of other languages and songs pop up in stories, too. Storytelling Workshops are also available with telling and participation for adults and children.
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From her experience as a school librarian, actress, traveler and artist, Cathryn weaves a combination of history, folklore, and ancient cultures. She has enjoyed telling stories for more than fifteen years, and is a member of the Storytellers Guild of Sonoma County, on the Board of Storytelling Association of Alta California and co-editor of Storyline Magazine.

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