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Phone: 866 465-2752 toll free
For grades: K-6
Requirements for live visit: Optimum group size is 30 students or less. Can accomodate up to 100.
Fees for live visit: $400 for all day workshops - 5 one-hour workshops.


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Reinforce your learning objectives in a way your students will never forget. Dynamic Education Workshops will bring over 6000 KAPLA building planks to your room. Working together, your students can transform their classroom into a world of their own. Students are astounded when they see what can be built in just a few minutes working together as a team. We can customize each visit to reinforce topics currently studied in class. Our workshops are especially effective for visual and tactile learners.
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Jane Fowler is a gifted elementary school school teacher. She has taught in both public and private schools. She is the director of a private education co-op that she founded in 1995. Her teaching instinct and contagious enthusiasm make any subject she teaches a learning adventure. She is a master of classroom control.
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