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Phone: 270-276-5377
For grades: All Grades
Requirements for live visit: If possible electrical outlets to set up music background and sound system if necessary.
Fees for live visit: Negotiable



I would like to thank you for the many hours you devoted to our Winter Enrichment Program. I was very impressed with your impersonation of General Lee, and Ken Guinn's impersonation of General Grant. It was carefully planned, professionally executed, and well received by the students. Your high standards and exemplary performance are among our schools greatest assets. The time you spent with our teachers and students does not go unnoticed. Again a hearty thank you for an outstanding job.
--- Dale C. Levine, Principal, Wrightwood Elementary School, Phelan, CA

Our main program includes a brief historical walk through the life of Robert E. Lee, the Man, the Morals, the Memories. This journey briefly touches on Lee's early years, marriage and family, the War Between the States and his life following the end of the War. Focus is on honor, duty and his love for his country and family. In addition, we offer a special program DAWN OF SURRENDER, A Historical Play that focuses on the anguish and emotional conflict of the two most famous generals of the Civil War during the three days prior to the surrender at Appomattox. Written by, Kenneth R. Guinn, Sr. and Don Locke. Robert E. Lee and U.S. Grant can appear for a shorter program if a presentation of the play is too timely. Any type of presentation includes interaction with the audience and a question and answer series.

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Don Locke is a member of the American Civil War Society and has been portraying General Robert E. Lee for over six years. He has taken part in numerous re-enactment's and played General Lee in several theatre productions. Don has done extensive research on Robert E. Lee and has a deep commitment to share with others an accurate historical account of this outstanding man.

In 1999, Mr. Locke's travels took him to Virginia, where he visited Robert E. Lee's birthplace in Montross and family homes in Arlington and Richmond. He also spent time at Appomattox, Richmond, Gettysburg and many other Civil War battlefields. Don feels privileged to portray a man that lived his life with honor, patriotism, and high ideals.

Don Locke is a member of Living Legends and an honorary member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Captain James Iredell Waddell, SCV Camp No. 1770 Orange, County, CA.

I could never in two lifetimes be the man that Robert E. Lee was, but by studying him and learning about his Character, his belief in God, his devotion to Family, his Honor, and what he perceived as his Duty, I feel that I can, in some small way, keep his important contribution to our history alive. Don Locke

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