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Phone: 602-765-9273
For grades: K - 7
Fees for live visit: Our show is free to schools, libraries and children's organizations. We try to have our shows sponsored by local businesses, PTA/PTO's, or other persons or organizations who would like to donate a show. Please contact us for details and a free in


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Doc Dazzal's Hocus Pocus Traveling Medicne Show is the dose of medicine our kids need.
--- Shirley Aliff, PTA President

Our kids are facing some tough challenges these days at school and in society in general. The statistics speak for themselves, we need to do more, and we need to do it better.

Doc Dazzal's Hocus Pocus Traveling Medicine Show...Brings fun, color, excitement, novelty, and positive messages to our kids in a highly entertaining and exciting way.

Our Medicine Show is based on an actual historical variety show which has been up-dated and geared for todays elementary school aged audience. Although each show features the same format, no two shows are exactly alike, each show is streamlined and taylored to fit the audience for which the program is being presented. We have found that there may be issues at one school that may not be an issue at another.

Dazzal's Entertainment Company, Inc. makes every effort to present our program to elementary schools, libraries, and children's organizations at no cost to the facility. We are currently funded soley by donations and sponsorships from parents, PTA/PTO's, and local businesses. However, schools and other organization interested in bringing our program to their facilities, may sponsor their own show through monies granted to their facility. Dazzal's Entertainment is a bonified non-profit performing arts company. Any donations or sponsorships made to Dazzal's Entertainment is tax deductible.

A sponsorship pays for two assemblies (most schools cannot seat all their kids at one assembly), and it pays for all handouts and the teachers guide.Doc Dazzal's Hocus Pocus Traveling Medicine Show is the perfect venue for bringing positive entertainment to our kids in these trying times. The show lasts about an hour...The messages however, can last a lifetime.

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Doc Dazzal's Hocus Pocus Traveling Medicine Show is a production from Dazzal's Entertainment Company, Incorporated a non-profit performing arts company.

Our mission and purpose is to help our kids face the tough challenges ahead. To have a high quality childhood and to have a real sense of high self-esteem, positive courage, and successful accomplishment.

The thust of our program is based within the frame of a re-creation on a late 1890's medicine show. The show features an old fashioned magic show, a trained flea show, live music via a vintage hand cranked organ, and puppets. Various positive messages and themes are incorporated within each presentation. Audience partcipation is the cornerstone of our show, and all the kids get a handout emphasizing the messages along with magic tricks they can learn and perform.

In addition, teachers are given a Teacher's Guide, to assist them in discussing the program in class after we have left. This serves to re-enforce the messages and continues the positve fun we hope to instill in our audiences.

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