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Phone: 661-398-3190
For grades: Elementary School
Fees for live visit: $275.00 for each performance (10% discount is given for multiple shows in one day)


Educational Puppets Shows »

Ocean Fantasy - is a beautiful display of ocean creatures performing music and stories with an ocean theme. It includes a unique version of Little Red Riding Hood, a herd of sea horses sing Don't Fence Me In, a twist'n octopus and more.

Jungle Antics - is a delightful array of stories and songs performed by jungle animals. It includes a six-foot boa constrictor singing I've Got a Crush on You, and a frog quartet singing At the Hop, along with stories and songs that all ages really enjoy.

How the Puppets Won the West - A knee slapping good ol' time for all including The Song of the Screaming Cowboy, I Love the Rainy Nights, an original melodrama and much more.

Music, Music Everywhere - The intent of this program is to introduce classical and classic music in an entertaining way. This program includes a classical guitar playing cowboy, a six foot mezzo-soprano opera singing boa constrictor, a saxophone playing cat, and musical versions of Little Red Riding Hood and Little Bunny Foo Foo.

Grandpa Jake's Basement -This program features Calvin and his grandpa Jake relaying traditional stories and folktales. Characters from classic favorites like Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Nightmare in My Closet and Little Girl and the Gunny Wolf come to life to involve the audience in their adventures.

A Random Act of Kindness - This program features Danielle Dignity, Robert Respect and The Caped Kindness Crusader and a cast of Kindness Kritters teaching kids how easy and rewarding it can be to commit a random act of kindness every day. Stories and songs include The Kindness Flowed All Around, It's Cool to be Kind, The Lion and the Mouse and much more.

Christmas - Our Christmas program is an enjoyable mix of traditional and not so traditional Christmas music and stories. This program changes from year to year
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The Stroud Puppets is a professional puppet troupe founded in 1975. We provide outstanding quality family entertainment with foam hand puppets at reasonable prices.

The Stroud Puppets intertwines music, painting, sculpture and theatre into a magical encounter for the senses. We have a variety of shows available to suit your entertainment needs.

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