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Phone: (757) 587-2293
For grades: Children ages 4 - 12.
Requirements for live visit: Perform for ages 4 through 12 (PreK - 5th grade).
Fees for live visit: Donation or free-will offering; round trip airfare, lodging and meals.


Character, Safety and Faith-based ministry »


COURAGE OF HARRIET TUBMAN: A popular lesson for youth. It's important to have a dream and work hard to achieve it. This presentation inspires students to dream and have the courage to work to see it come to fruition. Recommended for grades K-5.

HONESTY: The character trait of honesty promotes trusting relationships with our peers, teachers, family and others. Recommended for grades K-5.

AGAINST SCHOOL VIOLENCE: Stay in control of your emotions by using your head instead of wrong behavior. This social-history lesson takes a look at the life of Booker T. Washington as a role model for positive behavior. Recommended for grades K-5.

KINDNESS: A contemporary message that has it all (humor, story, drama and application). It touches the heart strings! A wonderful lesson for children to see and hear. Recomended for grades K-5.

HAPPY CHILDREN HANDLE CONFLICT WITHOUT VIOLENCE: An inspiring presentation about using "soft answers" to defuse or avoid worse problems. This is a positive, humorous but practical presentation that the students will talk about after the program is over. Recommended for grades K-5.

RESPECT: When a person's heart is in working order, he or she will respect the rights and worth of others. Everyone wants respect but not everyone knows how to get it. A timely message. Recommended for grades K-5.

MANNERS: A character building lesson that teaches that manners are expected rules and behavior you should have when around other people. It demonstrates that you can use manners in and out of school--even at home. Funny and practical. Recommended for grades PreK-2.

STRANGER SAFETY: Most strangers are good but some are bad. Because we don't know what a bad stranger looks like, we need safety rules to guide us. Obeying safety rules will keep you safe. Demonstrates some tricks bad strangers use to trick good kids to forget their safey rules. Practical tips. Recommended for grades PreK-2.

ATTENDANCE IN SCHOOL: Shows youth how school presence and good study habits build bridges for success and how poor study habits lead to failure. Recommended for grades K-5.

STEALING: Don't take things that don't belong to you. Learn from positive role models. Good consequences help you grow strong. Be on the winning side by obeying school rules and the law. Do not listen to negative influences that can put you in jail like, Inmate Joe. This will will prompt students to think about their choices and possible consequences. Recommended for grades K-5.

BICYCLE SAFETY: Warm weather brings out more bicycle riders. This safety lesson is necessary instruction about the importance of wearing a helmet, using correct turn signals (using interaction of volunteers), limiting your bike to one person, stopping at stop signs, etc., to avoid getting hurt. Recommended for grades K-5.

PEOPLE LOOK BUT DON'T SEE (faith-based): People are looking for truth today but they cannot find it. How come? That's what's wrong with the world. People look but they don't see. Truth gives us the freedom to reach our full potential. Recommended for Christian schools grades K-5 and church family groups.

GANG TALK WITH INMATE JOE: Find out what a gang is and why young people are at risk to gang recruitment. Gang member Inmate Joe talks about the false sense of acceptance, approval and respect that gangs sell to recruit children into their Web. Recommended for grades K-5

DRUG ABUSE: A creative lesson teaching that personal choices have consequences. It reminds listeners that things don't always look the same on the outside as they do on the inside. A comparative story line laced with facts showing what drug and alcohol promise and their reality. Recommended for grades K-5.

GATEWAY DRUG: A seemingly innocent cigarette habit can be an open gate leading to the path of drug addiction. Nicotine in cigarettes is a drug! Cigarette smoking can be the starting point in a life of progressive drug abuse. Knowing the risks will stimulate education in order to make wise choices. Recommended for grades K-5.

VENTRILOQUIST WORKSHOP: You can be a ventriloquist! A teaching workshop on learning ventriloquism for small groups of elementary age children. It is interactive featuring live demonstrations, the ventriloquist alphabet, labials, a handout, and practicals. This is available on a limited basis for teacher's students interested in learning the art.

SELF-DISCIPLINE: Character building story about developing patience and self-control that will help you in and out of school.

IDENTITY THEFT FOR SENIORS: Grandpaw has been victimized by identity theft and his credit has taken a punch. Learn how to avoid being a victim of identity theft and what to do if you or someone you know becomes a victim.

REFUSING TO BE A VICTIM: Learn home and neighborhood tips to lessen your chances of becoming hurt by crime.

SCORING POINTS WITH GOD (faith-based): A reflective lesson about having the proper motivation for attending church and living for God. Do you think you are scoring points for God?

PROPER EQUIPMENT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE (faith-based): In football, the players wear equipment to keep safe. Likewise, spiritually we wear equipment to not get hurt too.

PRODIGAL INMATE JOE (faith-based): We have all messed up. Good news is that God didn't move. We did. He has open arms awaiting your return.

EXCUSES TO PUT THINGS OFF(faith-based): The road is paved with good intentions. Make positive choices that will enhance your life journey.

Also available...

Rev. Bob Walsh is a retired Master Deputy Sheriff with over 20 years of sworn law enforcement. You can book "Bob Walsh and Friends" motivational presentations for your school, recreation center, senior center and library.

"Bob Walsh and Friends" teach character, safety and faith-based lessons in Virginia. He has completed three ventriloquist tours in Hong Kong and China for their international and local schools.

Ventriloquism is his ministry. He believes these ventriloquist shows lay important building blocks for children to make healthy LIFE choices. Bob does not charge a fee but accepts a donation or a free will offering for off-duty ventriloquist shows.

The "Choices with Deputy Bob and Friends" ventriloquist shows include six professional figures: Inmate Joe, Deputy Matthew, Jeremiah Student, Grandpa, Dave Mahoney, and Mary Sue who alternate telling life stories. Why a story? Children and adults love stories! That's why we read books and watch movies. Stories are part of the human experience. They help us undertand ourselves and others better. Children don't need to learn bad habits but they do need to learn good ones. Bob's shows offer an alternative to the negative pushes and pulls that affect our children and grandchildren.

A syllabus of topics is provided on this page to assist you in selecting a program for your school or youth group.

Videos and more information are available about Bob Walsh and Friends at

Community Leaders and Educators feedback:






  • Thank you so much for taking time to speak to our students at Oakwood Chapel Academy. Your words of inspiration and morality lessons are greatly needed for our young people. May peace and God's blessings follow you everyday.--Mrs. Ruffin











  • From Bo Ai School in the Peoples Republic of China: Your content with the ventriloquist puppet show is a great draw for the kids. They have not seen this before and the freshness draws great interest from them. They understand the meaning of your talks, honesty, respect, etc. Thanks, Bob, for coming to our school and putting on a great show.--Christine Chan, Founder











  • The residents loved Grandpa and Bob. They laughed at all his jokes but I think they absorbed a lot of valuable information. Several related that they had been victims of identity theft and even more said they had received suspect phone calls. Consequently, this topic was very timely and of great interest to them. Bob provided many very practical tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of crimes where the elderly are especially targeted. Warning our seniors about identity thefts and other scams victimizing the elderly is not very helpful unless preventative measures are techniques they can actually utilize. Bob accomplished that goal, of course with the hilarious help of Grandpa. Both were endlessly patient and listened to all comments in such a kind way that the residents felt free to ask questions and share their experiences. --Nancy Vick, Tucker House, Norfolk, VA











  • We appreciate so much the ministry God has given you with your 'special friends.' The children, and the 'inner child' in every adult, were all deeply involved in your presentation. --Zelle Phillips











  • Thanks for a fabulous presentation. It was entertaining, thought-provoking, memorable--utterly delightful in every way. I just wish that everybody--whether saved or unsaved--could hear you. On the basis of Matthew's repeated remarks about his lack of "tiiime," who could forget the importance of answering God's invitation now, without delay? --Karen Gearreald




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