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Phone: 800-886-9341
For grades: preschool-8th grade
Fees for live visit: fees begin at $400 per show + travel, reduced fee for back-to-back shows


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This was totally entertaining and educational. Students will remember the scientists portrayed because of the excellent use of humor, visuals, auditory props and the naturally appealing personalities of the duet.
--- Principal, Rider Wood Elem. School, Baltimore, MD

Duet Productions touring programs for 2001-2002 include the following, designed for grades K-8:
Like any machine , your body needs the correct fuel to work properly. This fun-filled show introduces students to the five basic groups of the food pyramid and the need to make healthy "choices" everyday
In our brand-new show, elementary students meet many special people who have explored and explained our world! The program features Galileo, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, George Washington Carver and Louis Pasteur--ingenious and inspiring personalities of science.
This show focuses on the great developments of the past 1000 years that affect students' everyday life. This informative and light-hearted play brings to the stage the inventions of the printing press, flying machines and much more!
Duet Productions blends humor and history in the spirited tale of Columbus' first voyage. The audience is introduced to the young Christopher and follows him from home in Italy, to school in Portugal, to the court of Ferdinand and Isabella, and out to the islands of the Caribbean. It's our "fall special", and a great way to teach students about the mixed-up explorer who changed the world.
  • For preschools and family night shows:Our funny, fast-paced versions of CINDERELLA, PETER PAN, THE WIZARD OF OZ, ROBIN HOOD and many others are available for special bookings.
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    Duet Productions, founded by Steve and Elise Seyfried, has been performing original, hilarious (yet very educational!) two-actor programs for 20 years in over 60,000 schools, libraries, camps and theatres in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. In addition to their extensive touring, Duet brings school groups into their home performing space in Oreland, PA for the yearly Family Stages series. Steve and Elise also founded the Rehoboth Summer Children's Theatre on the Delaware shore, now in its 20th season of plays for vacationing children and families. Additionally, Steve has been commissioned to write children's plays and historical scripts for other theatres. He and Elise also wrote the book and lyrics for a full-length musical, FLIGHT, which received the Stanley Drama Award in New York City. The Seyfrieds have conducted theatre workshops and theatre apprentice programs, and served as artists-in-residence in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Duet performances include such varied themes as international folklore, classic children's literature, science, history and nutrition. Duet Productions is devoted to sharing the joy of live theatre with children, teachers and families, creating memories of laughing and learning together.
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