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Phone: 610-398-7035
For grades: Pre-K to 6th grade
Fees for live visit: Prices depend on travel distance. Discounts are given for multiple shows on same day and multiple shows within the same same school district scheduled on consecutive days.
Funding: Funding grants can be obtained for D.A.R.E and RIF programs.


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This was the best show I've seen in a long time and the rest of the staff felt the same way. You made me a hero! One veteran teacher said it was the best show she had ever seen done in a school and has never seen her class enjoy a program so much. It was just wonderful. You really are a gifted talent.
--- Amanda Smickle, Franklin Elementary School

Linda is currently offering seven different school assembly programs, but with enough notice she can usually design a program to fit a special theme.

THE FUN & FANTASY SHOW is geared for pre-K to 6th grade. This program encourages creativity and imagination in students. It exposes them to the wonderful art of ventriloquism, which is seldom seen today. Linda combines comedy magic, audience participation, music & songs, storytelling, and ventriloquism using two or three different characters. You never know who will be in Linda's company. It might be everyone's favorite BABY CHUCKEE, BOWZER PUP, MIKEY, DUDLEY DRAGON, ZIGGY POSSUM, LOUIE LION, JERRY - they are all amazing and life-like. With Linda's extraordinary skills in ventriloquism, children always ask if the puppets are real!

EDUCATION is the MAGIC WORD is a perfect addition to your school's D.A.R.E. program. Through the use of magic and ventriloquism this program emphasizes drug and alcohol prevention, ways to say no, positive self esteem, peer pressure, making the right choices, etc.. Linda has presented this program many times at D.A.R.E. graduation ceremonies. One assembly is geared for grades K-3 and one for grades 4-6.

THE MAGICAL WORLD of BOOKS encourages children to enjoy the magical moments of reading. In every assembly Linda chooses several books to talk about. Of course, being a magician, all the while she's talking about the books she's doing magic to bring the words alive. They learn that reading leads to knowledge and knowledge is power. Her ventriloquist friends keep the children laughing with their hilarious storytelling and singing. Wait until you hear little Mikey sing his favorite song, Supercalifragilisticespialidocious! You won't believe your ears or eyes.

BE COOL, SAFETY RULES is designed for pre-K to 3rd grade. This program combines important messages on safety through the use of ventriloquism and magic. Topics can include: fire safety, stranger danger, street and bus safety, drug and alcohol prevention, sharing and caring, etc..

CHARACTER ALWAYS COUNTS for Pre-K to 6th grade stresses the six pillars of character building - Responsibility, Respect, Fairness, Caring, Honesty, and Citizenship.

SCIENTIFICALLY MAGICAL is Linda's newest program. It has been a hit at the Science Centers as it teaches students that science is fun and magical. Her "waterfall effect" optical illusion will have everyone totally amazed and begging to see it again.

MAGICAL MOMENTS is ideal for family nights and fund raisers. Geared for all ages it is a fast paced show filled with exciting magic and hilarious ventriloquism. In addition to several characters, Linda will usually use someone from the audience as a "human puppet" which is always a super hit. This shows runs about 45 minutes and will create a magical evening that families can enjoy together.

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Linda Holliday is a vivacious entertainer and master ventriloquist. She has been performing professionally since the age of four and as a full time business for the last thirty years. Her performances are fast paced and full of excitement and knowledge. Linda has created many different shows with the perfect blend of comedy magic and ventriloquism. With over 30 different ventriloquist characters to choose from, every performance is designed with the age of the audience in mind.

School assembly and library performances are her specialty, in addition to fun-filled family shows for all occasions. With years of experience, plus a college degree and additional courses in psychology, Linda not only entertains students, she educates them. Children always retain more when they are having a good time and Linda knows exactly how to encourage and amaze them. The students always respond in an enthusiastic manner. Linda Holliday is an edutainer with many different programs to offer.

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