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Phone: (617)776-1208
For grades: All grades, all ages
Fees for live visit: $400-$600


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His magic is a treat for those who have only seen television magic.
--- Boston Globe

Peter Sosna's delightfully offbeat presentation and his unique blend of sleight-of-hand and illusion make for an exciting show that works well before large audiences as well as small.

The Peter Sosna Stage Magic Show can be performed on almost any stage, large or small and can be tailored to any length you wish,up to one hour or more. The show is loaded with astounding magic, comedy and lots of audience participation. Along with many classic magic effects, Peter performs a number of very unusual, original tricks the likes of which you have never seen before. The Peter Sosna Magic Show is entertaining fun for all ages, from young children to sophisticated, jaded adults.

Peter Sosna's close-up magic is amazing, made all the more remarkable because the magic takes place right under the audience's noses. Peter's dexterity with cards, coins and othersmall objects is beyond belief! Most people have never seen magic of this caliber, up close and personal. As a roving entertainer Peter Sosna is without peer. You can be guaranteed he will be the hit of your next event.

Book the Peter Sosna Magic Show today and see why this crowd pleaser has been so successful.
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Peter Sosna began performing magic as a young child and in all the years since he has never lost his fascination with the conjuring arts. Since 1977 Peter has been a full time professional magician. He has performed at hundreds of colleges, universities, night clubs, comedy clubs, cabarets, trade shows, sales meetings, special events, stage shows, and concerts. Peter Sosna has been seen in PEOPLE magazine as well as numerous television shows, traveled with the Ben and Jerry's Vaudeville Circus, performed in Japan at Nagasaki Holland Village, the Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka, and Huis Ten Bosch,Japan's largest theme park.

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