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Phone: 781-729-1537
For grades: K - 12
Requirements for live visit: piano
Fees for live visit: $375/program; $300 each additional program same day; $100 per workshop and minimum of 4/day; block bookings available.
Funding: In CT through Young Audiences of Connecticut.


Song, Dance, Creative Possibilities »

Clearly the best song/dance participation program we've ever had.
--- Lynn Hunt, Assistant Principal, Brown School, Natic, MA

Brian's 45 to 60 minute assembly programs include:

  • Song In America (K - 6), a performance history of America's songs, singers and composers since 1620, minstrelsey through ragtime, through Broadway, through jazz, through rock.

  • Dance In America (K - 6), dance through the years from square dance to line dance, waltz to watusi, charleston to cha cha,turkey trot to fox trot and swing to swim.

  • History of Early Rock and Roll (4 - 12), tracing rock's origins through gospel, boogie-woogie, rhythm and blues and country and western, packaged with costumes, props, original sound bites and impersonations.

  • Song, Dance and the Possibilites(K - 6), using students' ideas to create new moves (part hip-hop, part polka) and tunes (change rock to ragtime or minstrel to doo-wop) in a belief that anyone can invent a dance or write a song.

  • Make A Joyful Noise (3 - 6), the ultimate anyone-can-write-a-song program. Get hip to the elements of a songthrough listening and sing-a-long exercises, then use that knowledge to create an all-star group composition. It's all about pop culture as well as rhythm, style, theme, lyrics, poetry, melody, harmony - and some advice on what it takes to be a singer.

  • Grand Night For Singing (for families, fairs and festivals), is a dynamic program of Brian's Parent's Choice acclaimed original songs which invite all ages to sing and dance with joy and invention.

    Brian also has lively school residencyprograms in songwriting and folk or social dancing for K - 6; and aswing dance intensive for middle and high school students with all the hip jumps, turns, kicks and spins.
    Also available...

    Brian Gillie is a Young Audiences of Connecticut Artist of the Year, and one of New England's most respected song and dance performers and historians, presenting America's glorious and outrageous music and moves, full of facts, humor and audience participation. Brian has been presenting cultural arts programs for almost twenty years, and travels throughout New England and NewYork State.

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