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Phone: 877-477-2555
For grades: k-12
Fees for live visit: $575 for 45-50 minute show: $950 for 2 shows: $1450 for full day »

Gary's ability to relate to the students was excellent, his instructional language was at their level and he has the audience in control at all times.
--- Lavera Crack 705-945-7138

The Frisbee Guy Show takes place in the gymnasium. All students follow the leader(me) and learn tricks and skills, and hear stories they'll never forget. Smaller workshops are also offered for more hands-on experience.

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Since winning the 1995 world frisbee championships, Gary Auerbach has taken his tricks, skills, and games to schools in more than a dozen states. The Frisbee Guy Show is an exciting opportunity for students to see the Frisbee Collection, hear Frisbee Stories, learn about the science of Frisbee, try new skills and see a world champ in action. Students will discover that frisbee is a great way to boost self-esteem, stimulate creative thinking, interact with others, and a great workout. Gary is professional in every aspect and is a proud role-model.

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