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Phone: (618) 677-3000
For grades: k-6 prefered All ages programs available
Requirements for live visit: Adaptable to any school situation, stage or gym or classroom, we come with complete sound and lighting equipment.
Fees for live visit: Beginning at $275.00 for local programs



The most educational and fast paced program we've had in many years!
--- Mr Roberts St. Louis Public School System

Character development programs such as the "I Can & I Will Circus" "GOLDEN DAYS JUBILEE" 1800's educational program,and various educational programs such as "CIRCUS DREAMS" reading motivational program, "THE ABC'S OF FIRE SAFETY" fire awareness program, and "THE CIRCUS OF ECOLOGY" recycling program.All of the programs the Hampel Family Circus provides can also be accompanied with teachers manuals, and student manuals to further enhance the excitment and learning objectives taught in each exciting presentation.THE HAMPEL FAMILY CIRCUS ALSO DRIVES ACROSS AMERICA SO LET US KNOW WHAT YOUR SCHEDULING NEEDS ARE AND WE CAN SCHEDULE YOUR PROGRAM WITH OUR TOURING!!
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A family of four with 37 years of international performances including international circuses and educational programs across America and Canada. These programs have also included development of educational programming for major corporations such as McDonald's, Pepsi Cola, and Nabisco. The combination of circus excitement with legitimate educational principles makes the HAMPEL FAMILY CIRCUS "America's First Family of Family Entertainment!"
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