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Phone: 540-942-1938
For grades: 8 - 12
Fees for live visit: $500 to $800 per day


Gary Morrison, Motivational Humorist »

Mr. Morrison's ability to capture the hearts and minds of an audience with his wit, humor and genuineness is a truly rare gift. Following the conclusion of our program, we have been besieged with literally scores of requests that Gary be invited back for 1998. He has instantly become one of our very best, no small feat when you consider that we already have the best that Pennsylvania has to offer!
--- John Trombetta, Executive Director-Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week

Gary speaks on several topics, but his most popular presentation is Hire/Buy Me Please. During this presentation Gary stresses the fact that students must create, of themselves, a "sellable" product before they enter the job MARKET. Using humor, audience participation and even a little magic he pulls his audience into a discussion on the seven most sought after characteristics in today's job market.

Leadership-Taking the initiative.

Openness-Being flexible and prepared for change.

Attitude-Looking at the positive and possibility in situations.

Communication-The #1 characteristic in all categories.

Willingness to Learn-Learners are the top earners.

Independence-Self discipline and character.

Skills-What can you do?

. Woven around these characteristics are other tidbits of advice as well as motivational bullets. Gary's presentations are always fun, uplifting and very informative. His teach them while they least expect it approach will make him a hit with your students!
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Gary Morrison is the author of Your Kids - Their Future, a career planning guide for parents of high school students. He speaks nationwide to student, faculty and community groups about various hot topics related to careers and career planning. He is noted for his ability to entertain as well as inform. His interactive and humorous style has been a hit with students and staff alike. Because of his reputation as an entertainer, Gary has been asked to keynote numerous local as well as national academic events including the Southern Education Convention, The National Association of Student Activities Advisors Convention and the International Business Week Conference. He is quickly becoming one of the most loved speakers on the education circuit

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